Balancing life and expanding freedom are things that augment coaching in a beautiful way.

With the way we live life, we are often so focused on what is missing, that making room for recognising and appreciating the abundance of what is around us can be challenging. Through all types of coaching clients, not least life coaching clients or those going through business coaching, encouraging time for exploration and freedom is something which always causes them to excel and speed into a state of happiness and fulfilment.

Whether you are in Brisbane or Boston, Japan or Jersey, these 5 empowering habits really do help you amplify success from coaching.

Why is Self Care and ‘Free’ Time so important?

Many of us, myself included, can end up in the trap of self sacrifice, doing things for others, at the expense of our own happiness and fulfilment.

This is what is often referred to in Bushido as ‘Giri.’

That is, a sense of duty, and rightness.

Though while having that sense of rightness is good, it comes undone when we leave nothing for ourselves.

There is a maxim which many know, “charity begins at home.”

One interpretation of which is that when you are unable to look after yourself, you are unable to look after others. Indeed, this is something which often forms an unconscious driver for people to get coaching. That need to be taken care of, to create change, as they have lost sight of how to look after themselves, and of how to achieve happiness and the good results they seek.

When life goes out of balance because we give everything away to others, having anything left for the self can seem impossible.

It is the converse of selfishness, giving everything out of a need to ‘make others happy.’

Having time for self care, and ‘free’ time, when we allow ourselves to ground, be still and create ease within allows us to regenerate. To heal.

In having time to heal, we become empowered to achieve more. If you are low on energy, then achieving anything becomes a struggle. When you give yourself time to regenerate, then you can rebuild that stock of energy that gives you fresh ability to go off and create success in the way you desire again.

Even Superheroes Need Time Out To Heal

Think of any superhero when they meet a challenge that saps all their strength.

There are times when heroes give everything, get beaten, and are unable to continue on. At which time you see them pull back, then take time to heal, rebuilding their energy and strength. Then go out again, refreshed and ready to succeed.

NLP Coach Stephen Frost at the summit of Mt. Fuji

Rebuilding Your Energy and Honouring Yourself Amplifies Coaching Success

I have climbed Mt. Fuji four times now. I would never have considered doing so when low on energy or unwell, it would have been crazy to.

Yet how many people go after massive goals when they are run down and lacking in energy to really strive forward?

Of course, if you delay, stretching out timewise to achieve your goals, until you feel perfect, you risk never achieving anything. So starting from a low point, where you have made the decision to create change is good. It just needs balance so that you can foster those energies needed for true success.

Coaching helps you to create mindset change, especially NLP coaching. Giving you more efficient pathways to success with goals and dreams. Coaching can also help you discover new strategies and tactics for achieving desired results, especially through business coaching.

Though all that mindset change, those new strategies and tactics, all require energy and focus for success to become possible.

It is through giving yourself time to rebuild your energy, to honour yourself, that those energies can come back to you.

What Are The Best Ways To Rebuild Your Energy And Honour Yourself?

There are myriad ways of doing this.

Everyone is different, each of us having our own personality types and things that energise us.

Knowing how adrenaline derived energy is brought versus how energy is replenished is important though.

Many people head out to do adrenaline related activities, which while fun, can also deplete energy further. Instead, what is good, is actually doing things which raise up your energy stocks, much as having a battery charged. When you are running a laptop doing a video call while the battery is low, but it is plugged in to charge, depending on the specs it can be that little charge holds, most of it being spent on processing tasks and display. Draining out almost as quickly, or faster then, it’s being replenished.

Instead, we need to do things which will allow us to return to full charge with ease.

Meditation Recharge and Reflect

Meditation is something I have done since 2004, which has proved highly effective.

Even 30 minutes of meditation is good.

While many will think of zen meditation and completely clearing the mind, as with the rinzai school of zen. Meditation can be far simpler. Meditation can be as simple as closing your eyes and allowing your mind to drift, free from attachment. It can take practice, though all things in life can take practice in order to become good.

Meditation can also be done while walking. Whether in the heart of nature, or in the bustling centre of the city.

Giving yourself time to detach. Time to just be.

Time for going within and being mindful of how you are, of who you are.

That mindful time is something many shy away from, fearful of what thoughts may come up. Of how they will see themselves. Though such things present opportunities for change, especially when receiving coaching. Those reflections are points of learning, which give opportunity for mindset change that can precipitate a better way of being.

Which in turn can bring more of those results that we seek.

Yoga and Tai Chi Rebalance and Regenerate Through Gentle Movement

While power yoga can be great for physical health, gentler yoga forms and Tai Chi can be better for psychological and spiritual health.

Creating softness within the physical form, becoming in-tune with subtle movements from a point of quiet, can bring a fresh flow of energy within.

The focus in practice when doing gentle yoga and Tai Chi is very meditative.

As things speed up with movement, things become more reactionary, more unconscious due to the speed involved. As we slow down, focus is required in order to keep movements smooth and flowing.

While movement is still required with gentle yoga and Tai Chi, it is a more energising movement. With the focus helping us tune out distractions of life, becoming more present within that moment. We relax, with energy recharging rather than flowing out.

Reading Which Inspires Positivity Replenishes Us

Many successful people read, and often reading is quoted as one of the habits of highly successful people.

Though little mention is ever given as to what successful people read, and why it brings success.

Audible has taken off greatly since its launch. With many seeing it as an alternative to reading, which is more relaxing as it requires less focus and less thought.

Yet one of the reasons that reading helps foster success is how it, rather than just listening, triggers reaction within the mind.

When listening, voices and tonality are dependent on the narrator. Meaning that much interpretation is done by an external source, as such removing interpretation on our part.

When we are reading ourselves, our minds interpret each word, sentence and paragraph far more uniquely. We become one with the book and form deeper rapport with it. Our imagination comes more to the fore, as sounds as well as pictures and feelings become formed within the mind.

It is through this use of imagination that more becomes possible in life.

As Albert Einstein said:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Look at the frontiers of science, engineering, and other fields. Without imagination breakthroughs would never come. Minds would be confined to what is known and proven. Yet through use of imagination new possibilities come through.

While some possibilities are met without success, other possibilities bring dramatic success and change beyond previous comprehension.

Though reading as a habit for success and regeneration of energy is about more than this.

Most who are highly successful read books that nourish the mind.

Novels can be fun, distractions with flights of fantasy that can empower the imagination, raising the mind in that way. When we only live in fantasy we can face challenges in creating reality. Balancing with books that empower the mind through knowledge and mindset change is good.

Books like Napoleon Hill’s “Outwitting the Devil”, Inazo Nitobe’s “Bushido” and Deepak Chorah’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success” all bring fresh perspective, while fostering imagination, inspiration and regeneration.

Mix in science fiction, adventure, fantasy, for some unbounded expansion, and the mind can become ever more powerful.

One thing which is key, which I reinforce with all my coaching clients, is keeping your environment positive.

This includes your psychological and spiritual environment.

Horror fiction can be fun for some, though it does bring a level of negativity.

Keeping yourself within positive realms is far more empowering, far more likely to help bring you that way of life and being that you desire.

Empowering Yourself And Maximising Your Ability To Succeed With or Without Coaching

Taking time for regeneration is vital whatever you are seeking in life.

Whether you are receiving coaching, or going it alone, taking time so that your energy levels recharge, and you rebalance your mind, is crucial.

Whether you choose to enjoy meditation as a regular habit within life, do yoga or Tai Chi, or expand your reading habits to empower you mind more, is completely up to you. All I am sharing here is what I have observed to work and bring beautiful results for myself, and those who I have coached.

You can empower yourself any time you choose to, just remember that to empower yourself most fully, and achieve better results than you have, will take change.

As my NLP master taught me, “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got. So if you want something different, you have to create change.

So create change, do something different, and give yourself time so you can recharge and empower yourself regularly.

When you are having coaching, you will find that incorporating these empowering habits really do amplify success from coaching, leading you to gain results faster, which endure for as long as you desire.