Stress relief is widely recognized as important, though the greater power comes from releasing stress rather than just relieving it. For anyone seeking success with anything in life, learning to completely let go of stress, and its associated negative thoughts and emotions is essential in order to tap into the power of mindset most effectively.

Stress response is a natural thing. It is wired into everyone, and has a key purpose in life, alerting us to situations which are essentially harmful to us.

With increased exposure to certain environments, and long term causes of stress, things can become normalized within the mind. That said, for most people, there are still effects from things like stress hormones and blood pressure, with serious cognitive degradation and detriment to overall well being coming as a result.

Managing stress needs to be a priority for anyone wanting a good quality of life, and a very high priority for anyone wanting to achieve success with anything. When stress kicks in, the perception of the mind, even if only on an unconscious level, is negative. Something which becomes amplified by the presence of negative emotions, and can result in limiting decisions and limiting beliefs forming within the mindset, both of which can stop success dead in its tracks.

Because mindset is everything, and having a consistently positive mindset at that, becoming able to completely release any build up of stress is vital for a good life to be had.

For Anyone Wanting Success Being Able To Manage Stress Is Vital In Order To Fully Utilize The Power Of Mindset

Stress Relief Or Release?

Relaxation Is Critical For Well Being Overall And Achieving Goals

What’s the difference between relief and release when it comes to stress?

ActionEffect on stress
ReliefYou do things to feel better, though never actually remove the stress itself.
ReleaseYou remove the build up of stress, allowing your body to naturally reset.

When you just do things to feel better, like watching TV, be it a movie, comedy or whatever, or go an do some physical activity, you are just doing something to shift the balance of hormones. Largely in the hope of feeling happier. Doing those things never actually gets rid of stress, it just masks over it.

Over time, without effective release, compounding occurs. Leading from feeling stressed initially, then getting into chronic stress, before potentially hitting burnout or breakdown if things get that far.

Death By Overwork The Effect Of Poor Emotional Well Being

This is effectively what leads to the Japanese term Karoshi (過労死 Karōshi) which means occupation-related sudden death, from which comes Karojisatsu (過労自殺 Karō jisatsu) which translates as overwork suicide. Karoshi is often noted for issues of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease brought on by stress due to work. These are extremes of how stress can take effect on people and it should be noted that the number of work related suicides in Japan in 2023 was 2,968.

The illustrating point being that unless you doing something to release, you are sitting on a build up and effectively a timebomb which will go off at some point. i.e. with the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Reducing Stress Levels And Resetting The Meter

By contrast, when you release effectively, then the meter resets to zero, or at least drops depending on how much gets released.

It goes deeper than this though, by resetting your stress meter, you are increasing your tolerance and ability to mitigate and work with stress. Thus creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself in an ongoing way.

Becoming able to properly let go of stress, is the healthier thing to do.

How Stress Affects The Mind And Body

Taking Care Of Mental Health And Releasing Negative Emotion Is Vital

There are several stress hormones released as part of the body’s stress response, each having a specific positive function and set of negative effects.

HormonePurposeNegative effects (include)
EpinephrineIncreases pulse rate and blood pressureAnxiety, dizziness, nervousness, agitation, headache, Parkinson disease exacerbation, arrhythmias, chest pain, hypertension, palpitations, tachycardia, cerebrovascular accidents, ventricular ectopy, vasospasm, tissue ischemia, hyperglycemia, hypokalemia, lactic acidosis, nausea, vomiting, tremors, weakness.
NorepinephrineIncreases arousal, attention, cognitive functionSystemic toxicity leading to uncontrolled hypertension with signs and symptoms of end-organ ischemia and necrosis.
CortisolIncreases blood sugar and brain's use of glucoseCushing syndrome, Addison disease, fatigue, weight loss, hypotension, and hyperpigmentation of the skin, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, hirsutism in women, proximal muscle weakness, osteoporosis, degradation of cognitive function.
Epinephrine has very wide ranging negative effects, which can be very damaging and exacerbate other conditions. Norepinephrine is more focused in its negative effects, yet they can be very unpleasant, especially necrosis unless it is caught early and properly treated.

Cortisol has some very nasty effects on body chemistry which can lead to very wider ranging health challenges due to prolonged exposure, and include conditions which are essentially a dichotomy, i.e. it can trigger both weight loss and weight gain, along with diabetes. These are just some of the effects noted by scientists.

Cortisol is one of the Glucocorticoids (GCs), which are a primary class of stress hormones, that are released from the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. Alongside the other effects, significant issues have been cited in terms of the degradation of cognitive function, which certain studies specifically looking at both the storage and recall of memory and how those things are adversely effected by stress levels.

In short, while the stress response is there as part of the fight or flight mechanism to help people get away from danger, prolonged exposure to stress, and regularly high levels of stress have a very detrimental effect on both mind and body. Unless stress levels can be reduced, with the body having time to reset, and the mind having opportunity to release negative emotions and thoughts which have proliferated, there are some very negative health effects which can take hold.

Extreme levels of stress, whether prolonged or sudden and traumatic, can also increase the risks of developing PTSD due to the reduced flexibility on a psychological level.

Hence why stress management is so critical to get right.

What Are The 4 A’s Of Stress Management?

Stopping Unhealthy Habits Benefits The Nervous System Greatly

The 4 A’s of stress management are avoid, alter, adapt or accept.

Maintaining Well Being To Help Stay Positive

Stress responseMeaning
AvoidStay away from it and avoid as much as possible.
AlterShift other's perceptions and how they deal with you.
AdaptfChange your own behavior and capacity to deal with things.
AcceptAllow yourself to flow with things and overcome in other ways.

Essentially they cover the four different ways you can deal with stress. Giving thought to them, along with environmental and other conditions in your life, both current and expected, can help you limit or even completely mitigate challenges and unpleasantness.

What Are The Five 5 Ways To Reduce Stress?

Holistic Well Being Is Essential For Anyone Seeking Success

There are many different ways of reducing stress, all with different levels of effectiveness, though there are five which are commonly cited by many sources.

MethodWhat's InvolvedEase Of Doing
MeditationGuided or unguided, mindfulness, vipassana, etc.Free, takes practice and discipline.
Deep breathingCan be done as meditation or independently.Free, takes practice and discipline.
Exercise and nutritionRegular exercise, healthy diet, avoiding excess sugar and overeating.Requires thought, planning and budget.
Coaching and TherapyTalking things out, using techniques including NLP and Time-Line Therapy.Cost varies, requires scheduling.
Social connectionManaging time with friends, family, and limiting time on social media.Difficulty varies, requires discipline.

When smokers find themselves feeling stressed, and take a break to smoke, it is the act of slowing down their breathing, and going into deep breathing, which actually has the calming effect, rather then the tobacco they are consuming. Granted, other substances have different chemical effects, though deep breathing creates significant physiological changes which act to reduce the effects of stress and actively create calm in its place.

Sunlight In Everyday Life Also Helps Relieve Stress

One additional, and very important thing that helps relieve stress, is sunlight.

It has been scientifically proven that those working in conditions without sunlight exhibit poorer mental health than those who have greater exposure to sunlight. Absence of sunlight has been cited as leading to lower serotonin levels, neurodegeneration, depression, cognitive deficits, and ultimately dementia among those who do not see or get out into natural sunlight.

Whilst this is a very passive measure, in comparison to the five ways to reduce stress listed above, it is still a critically important one with benefits to both physical and mental health.

What Are Ways To Minimize Stress?

Remove Negative Thoughts And Feelings Through Mindset Coaching

As mentioned in the 5 ways to minimize stress section, the key ways to relieve minimize stress are:

Each of these things has it’s own level of effect, with some depending on practice and experience you have personally as to how effective they are, while others are dependent on the skill and attitude of others.

Essential oils along with soothing music, and time spent in a quiet place within a natural setting also bring worthwhile benefits.


Physical Activity And Relaxation Techniques Benefit Well Being Greatly

There are numerous meditation types, all of which bring benefit in terms of reducing stress levels, and is a practice often used within various aspects of complementary and integrative health to help with various conditions.

Some types of meditation just relieve stress, giving a pleasant diversion that gives respite, rather than actually dealing with the problem itself. Visualization meditation is good in this way. You can also use visualization meditation to improve success, so it has a double benefit, even if it lacks ability to completely release things like chronic stress.

Meditating is incredibly good, once a certain level of ability has been reached, for enabling very deep relaxation response, which is beneficial for anyone wanting to manage stress.

The Best Meditative Types For Reducing Stress Levels
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Zen meditation
  • Vipassana meditation
  • Ho’o Pono Pono
  • Tai Chi

Mindfulness comes from Zen meditation, it essentially just has the religious doctrine of the different Buddhist schools removed from it. Mindfulness and Zen are very good for helping to let go of stress, due to the detachment that comes from the practices involved. They also both help to increase self awareness about thoughts and emotions, which helps those practicing them to side step stress before it becomes a serious issue.

Vipassana meditation is very good for increasing bodily awareness, something which highlights how stress is affecting the body that can improve overall physical well being, while at the same time bringing a deep relaxation response. People often start with increased awareness of how muscles tense within their body, how bones feel, and their overall musculoskeletal system is working. With practice, people do become aware of their body on a cellular level, and can influence their health positively as a result through relaxation and release.

Ho’o Pono Pono is a Hawaiian forgiveness practice which can be done meditatively, it’s incredibly good for releasing emotions, negativity, and bring calm and positivity back to life in a holistic way.

Tai chi is a form of moving meditation, which is often found within recommendations for relaxation techniques. It can greatly help reduce physical symptoms of being stressed, due to the calm flowing nature of the practice. While it can be done indoors at home, doing it in green spaces outside in fresh air makes it very powerful in terms of its calming nature.

Using Aromas And Music Therapy To Compliment Meditations

Use of essential oils and soothing music can both help modify different elements of meditation. With use of guided meditations often being helpful for beginners, especially if they’re highly stressed and struggling to maintain focus and get deeper into the practice.

Lavender oil is often sought out for relaxation, though others such as Rosemary and Ylang Ylang can be good for relieving mental tension. Woody aromas, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Hinoki all have a grounding and calming effect too.

Deep Breathing

Integrative Health Options Like Belly Breathing Enhance Overall Health
Deep breaths, especially belly breathing, have a very strong effect as relaxation techniques go.

Breathing deeply puts the body into a very different physiological state.

When stressed, the body tenses up, and breathing becomes shallower.

When a person shifts into deeper breathing, they consciously slow their breathing rate, which creates and immediate disconnect with the physical state of stress. As such, it minimizes the stress effect very quickly on a physical level, often having very positive effects on muscle tension.

Breathing deeply thus naturally calms the body, and with it the mind. In that this is done consciously, it gives you a great deal more control over how you perceive and react to stress.

Breathing deeply also helps improve blood oxygenation, helping all organs work more effectively, which in turn reduces the impact of stress on the body, thus benefiting overall health as well.

Even a few minutes of this practice, especially on a regular basis help influence things in a positive direction. Daily practice has been shown to reduce chronic stress and mitigate acute stress events, plus reduce blood pressure.

As a note, this practice can be very easily done as part of a meditation practice, and when combined with use of things like lavender and other oils, providing they’re 100% natural, and soothing music, very deep effects can be accessed very easily.

Exercise And Nutrition

Healthy Diet Benefits Immune System Health And Cognitive Function

From both a traditional as well as a complementary and integrative health perspective, a regular exercise routine, avoiding alcohol and refined sugars, are very worthwhile things.

Exercise and nutrition both have positive effects on:
  • Immune system
  • Heart disease
  • Blood flow
  • Nervous system

Along with many other overall health benefits.

While the following have been widely shown to harm health and exacerbate stress response:
  • Drink alcohol
  • Take illegal drugs
  • Consume lots of sugar
Physical well being does have a an effect on how people cope with stress. When physical activity is challenging, and physical health concerns exist, then background levels of stress are naturally higher. Thus compounding stressful situations due to the fact there is less flexibility within the nervous system available.

Harvard health publishing, along with other scientific organizations, have studies relating to how alcohol and other substances affect heart health and elevate stress response.

Reducing unhealthy habits, and improving physical condition through activity, be it a long walk, weight training, etc., and taking in good quality nutrition, helps with how you can improve ability to come through challenging situations successfully.

Improving physical health and doing things to stay healthy, especially through physical activity, also helps improve sleep quality, which brings further mental health benefits. Being well rested also improves cognitive ability which improves options when confronted with a stressful situation. Thus helping minimize stress response further.

Consumption Of GABA
The oral consumption of GABA, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, has been shown by numerous clinical studies to have a positive effect on anxiety and stress regulation, circadian rhythm and sleep regulation, memory enhancement, mood, and even perception of pain due to its interaction with brain chemistry. GABA is a non-proteinogenic amino acid present in various bacteria, plants, and vertebrates, various companies now add it in drinks and foods as an aid to stress relief and way to improve sleep.

Consuming quality GABA enriched foods and drinks is one of the numerous healthy ways to reduce stress in daily life.

Coaching And Therapy

Stressful thoughts have an impact way beyond the moment when they are first experienced, with limiting decisions and beliefs manifesting from the emotions and negative thoughts that come in the moment. Coaching and therapy are the most effective way to deal with those things.

What happens within the unconscious mind is something very few people have any awareness of.

Even with years of practice in meditation, few people ever get to a level whereby they can understand where their thoughts and beliefs stem from, and what limitations are causing issues with emotional well being and how they are causing increased instances of stressful events in their life due to things like the law of attraction, and yes, it works for both positive and negative things.

Delving deep into the psyche and cleaning up issues that exist within a person’s mindset are what coaching and therapy are there for.

Likely the biggest step in terms of improving ability to manage stress comes from utilizing coaching and therapy for releasing limiting decisions and beliefs. Once they’re gone, life becomes far less stressful, and success can flow with much greater ease.

Social Connection

Social connection can be important depending on personality.

For extroverts it is hugely important to spend time having fun with others.

Introverts are less inclined to spend time around others, often they can process things on their own with greater effect. Yet even for introverts, having the right friend, family member, or coach to talk to, can be incredibly important to relieve stress.

Gauge what’s best for you. While sometimes it’s good to let family members or friends “drag you out” there are other times when taking time alone to process can be better.

This holds careful correlation with nutrition and exercise too. Many young adults seek escape through unhealthy substances, including alcohol, vapes, and other things. Escape just means that the problem is there in the background, still waiting to be dealt with.

Be Selective And Choose Positive Company

Healthy adults, who deal with stress effectively, spend time with like minded people, they deal with issues that come up, and never just sweep them under the rug or ignore them. Ignoring challenges just leads to greater stresses and bigger challenges.

What Is The Best Way To Deal With Stress?

Relaxation Techniques Compliment Coaching For Enhancing Success Levels

It is always best to let go of stress and deal with it at root cause. Doing so helps minimize stress response in future, creating better mental health and quality of life overall.

The best way of dealing with stress can vary dependent on personal circumstances.

While use of coaching and therapy provide incredible value, especially when eliminating the limiting decisions and beliefs that attract the situations which result in getting stressed, a certain investment is needed in order to work with good coaches who are proficient in techniques including neuro linguistic programming and Time-Line Therapy that can remove root causes effectively, while installing empowering beliefs that can reduce long term.

Putting yourself in financial stress is rarely a good idea, especially if you are stressed already.

That said, I have worked with people on the verge of, and in, nervous breakdown, for whom stretching their finances did bring incredible benefit long term due to the complete change in mindset brought about. Mindset coaching is incredibly powerful, for targeted and whole life change.

What’s Your Situation At The Present Moment?

Whatever level life in all its components is stressing you to, you have to do something if you wish to overcome those challenges.

Often people complain about lack of time, energy and finance in reference to their ability to counteract issues they face, and develop solutions.

Whatever is stressing you, and whatever level you are stressed to, there is always something that can be done. There are various quick wins, watching TV never counts, which can be be easy. There will be time and energy involved with all, to different levels, any things that vary from free to significant investment. Consider your situation, and how imperative creating change is, in relation to the level of success you seek in life. Then take action in a considered way.

It’s also good to stop being jealous of other people’s success, being jealous never helps you.

Quick And Easy Wins That Benefit Mental Health

Ease Muscle Tension Through Regular Exercise To Stop Feeling Tired

Meditation and deep breath work are always quick wins, especially when combined. Using positive self talk within a free meditative exercise, even a short one, is one of many very empowering habits to get into.

Ho’o Pono Pono can be incredibly powerful, provided the methods and scripts are properly followed.

When you are in a really bad situation, and can afford it, coaching using neuro linguistic programming and Time-Line Therapy, creating a mini breakthrough session, is incredibly powerful and like hitting a reset button for the people that take that action.

The Combined Approach For Optimum Stress Reduction And Release

The best way to counter challenges and stressful feelings, bringing about more positive mental health, is using all of the five ways of minimizing stress. Some take longer to get to grips with, all of them are powerful longer term after getting into healthy habits with them.

The use of coaching for mindset change should never be underestimated in terms of its value to mental health, stress management and release. When working with a good coach, much of the negativity can be removed almost every challenging situation, with opportunity for greater success becoming apparent instead.