Building confidence is completely dependent on your mindset, specifically core values and beliefs are what impact both confidence levels and how easily you can build your confidence. Once you know what to do, it is relatively easy to go from lack of confidence to healthy confidence, you just have to be focused and committed.

Most people wish they had more confidence, it is one of the biggest issues facing the population overall, and leads to a lot of issues that never need to happen. Low self confidence is closely linked with low self esteem and self worth. When people feel down on themselves they cause issues for both themselves and others to varying degrees. Sometimes it yields embarrassment, other times legal issues can become significant, which has been shown in clinical studies.

Hence in part why it’s important to build confidence.

Doing so, regardless of starting point, enables a person to enjoy a full and rewarding life. As confidence and self esteem build, life becomes more fulfilling and enjoyable. Even small things bring greater pleasure. In that it’s relatively easy to gain confidence, then become self confident in a good healthy way, feeling down or low need never go on for longer than you would wish it to. You just have to do the right things and everything can change for the better.

The Ability To Build Confidence Stems From The Depths Of The Mindset And Is Heavily Affected By Limiting Beliefs

What Does Build Confidence Mean?

Improvement To Becoming Confident Comes Rapidly From Belief Change
Build confidence means build a better feeling about yourself or a particular thing.

Build Confidence Vs. Build Self Confidence

Confidence needs a focus in order to be understood. You can have confidence in a brand, a structure like a bridge, a relationship, or yourself amongst other things.

Self confidence is a measure of how confident you feel in yourself and your ability to do things.

As such, when you want to ‘build confidence’ an additional reference is needed in what you wish to focus on. Whereas when someone wants to build self confidence, they specifically wish to feel better about themselves, and become able to flow through life more effectively and confidently.

Is Building Confidence A Skill?

Everybody Is Different Taking Pride In Yourself Helps Build Confidence

When you are building it yourself, it is a skill. When you are working with a coach it is not a skill though it does depend on their ability which the coaching skills that they’re using. There are various things which affect confidence levels, all of them exist within the realm of mindset.

As such, it is ability to create positive mindset change which in turn dictates how confidently people feel. Often, there are aspects of memories and experience buried deep down, which impact on a person’s ability to be confident. These deep issues are what hold most people back from being the way they wish to be, restrict their results, and lead to the perception of skill being a necessity to become confident.

When you are building confidence with other people, i.e. in a sales role, a negotiation, marketing anything, or building a relationship of any sort with someone, then building rapport faster so success comes easily is the skill involved.

Mindset Change Skills That Bring Greater Confidence

Most confident people have done a healthy amount of personal development, often including coaching, with techniques including:

  • Neuro linguistic programming
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Positive self talk
  • Yoga
  • Weight training
  • Endurance training
  • Language learning

Some of these things involve a higher degree of thought and mindset change than others. Neuro linguistic programming in particular delves into how thought processes work, and creating changes within the unconscious mind such that conscious experience of the world shifts in a specific direction.

Mindfulness, meditation and yoga all increase self awareness and bring opportunity for growth and change.

Positive self talk and affirmations are a way of drowning out negativity, though are a very blunt tool for doing the job.

Weight training, endurance training and language learning all work by challenging perceptions of the self. When you become able to lift more, push further, or become able to communicate with people with a different native language, then an increase in positive feeling can ensue which can lift confidence overall. Note that these things are minor in terms of the mindset shifts they create, unless you get into the realms of developing extreme endurance levels where it becomes an issue of mind over matter.

The real skill involved with becoming confident is knowing how to change your mindset, then actually taking the action needed to make it happen.

How Do You Build Full Confidence?

Coaching Makes It Easy To Build Confidence And Become Confident

To build full confidence you have to release all limiting decisions and beliefs, along with all old negative emotion which has accumulated in your mind. Most people are unaware of what is stored up, because such things rarely come into the conscious mind.

From time to time, the unconscious mind will represent things to be dealt with, though it will repress them at such times as bringing them up could be dangerous, for example when driving. If memories and limiting beliefs become exceedingly toxic they can leak into everyday life and cause issues, something which often indicates a potential nervous breakdown.

While acceptance of stressors as an element of stress management has been shown to improve quality of life, reducing both stress and anxiety. It is far more powerful to completely mitigate the root causes of problems, and exchange them for beliefs which empower and bring about higher incidences of positive results and experiences.

In releasing negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs, things like negative self talk which stem from those things can disappear.

Root causes for lack of confidence also disappear, especially when the core most limiting belief, from which all others hang, is removed which in essence creates a cascade of release and mindset change. Resulting in many of the psychological causes of feeling held back falling away, and sudden progression being possible.

This work is very easily done using a combination of neuro linguistic programming and Time-Line Therapy. With agreed upon empowering beliefs being inserted when the limiting ones are removed. As such, everything that holds someone back from having full confidence is removed, and resources are emplaced which empower them to feel confident in a natural way with who they are and what they are doing. Done right this approach is incredibly powerful.

When doing such core level work on mindset solo, without these techniques, it falls into the realm of becoming skilled with meditations, and use of mindfulness, in order to root out problematic beliefs and the decisions they come from. Something which can take years as opposed to hours.

When you want to become confident in a skill or ability, it is down to repeated practice with that skill or ability, effectively going down the path of the commonly cited 10,000 hours to mastering it.

That time period can be shorter or longer depending on motivation and background psychological factors which include limiting beliefs. For example, when someone has a growth mindset and believes they can master a skill, they can do so easily. When someone believes they’re worthless or unlovable, then it will become challenging for them to master anything as doing so would disprove the belief and the unconscious mind will not allow that unless the belief is consciously unearthed, removed and overwritten.

What Are The Six Steps In Building Self Confidence?

Mental Health Self Care Helps With Self Confidence

When a people lack confidence and want to become self confident, without professional help, the following is a simple six step process for confidence building.

Recognize You Are Capable Of Change

Unless you can consciously recognize your capacity to change, you are stuck. To go from no or low confidence, to feeling like your can take on the world, or something between those points, change has to occur.

Change can happen in small increments, it never has to be big highly noticeable shifts. Going from petrified of standing near a cliff edge, to being uncomfortable yet able to tolerate it, is still a change. Whether you want to become completely comfortable and happy right on the edge is another matter. Creating shifts to your comfort zone, even small changes at first, can lead to big impacts later on.

Once you can accept that you can change, even if only gradually, then you are capable of transitioning from low self confidence and can begin to gain confidence.

Acknowledge Your Strengths

Self confidence and self esteem hold roots in things you’re capable of doing, or believe you can do.

When people beginning consciously noting what they are good at, and examples of why, they naturally feel better, and more confidence as a result. They also tend to find that better performance comes from those things too, due to the conscious awareness of being good at them.

This also provides a solid foundation due to the fact that knowledge is built of self worth and capability. Value can be attributed to different skills and abilities, even if it is only personally valued. Other people value skills and abilities differently, parents often discount skill with gaming, whereas friends can value it highly, who is right depends on perspective. Generally parents would prefer their children to work on other ‘more useful’ skills, whereas to friends that game can be everything.

Skills can be important for work and relationships, your own view on them is what’s most important. By recognizing you are good at certain things though, and knowing that you’re capable of change, you set yourself up for being better at other things, thus developing self esteem and self confidence.

Embrace Your Weaknesses

You will always have weaknesses. Accept it.

Knowing you are capable of change though, working from the perspective of growth mindset, you can improve those skills and abilities, and turn them into your greatest strengths.

Strengths and weaknesses are transitory, when you put in the work, and effect mindset change too, they can be inverted. What was once a weakness, can be honed and worked on until it becomes one of the things you do best.

When I was 11 years old my mathematics teacher said I was useless at the subject and I would never amount to anything, within 3 months of being told that, and getting the lowest grade possible, I was the top student in the class. She never gave me the top grade, though I did outperform all the other students. I also went on to get a master’s degree in engineering. At school I was also pretty bad at English, though I have gone on to be an author and published in many places, plus use English to a high level in helping clients create incredible life change.

Things can change. Recognize and embrace your weaknesses knowing you can change them if you wish to. Then as you develop those things, you will become a more confident person.

Develop A Positive Mindset

Improved Self Confidence Helps Overcome Fear Of Talking To Strangers
Having a positive mindset achieves multiple things, all of which benefit mental health and levels of confidence.

Fearing failure is something that holds many back from happiness and success. For many, fear of success often runs alongside it, or instead of it. People hold themselves back as they are so concerned about what will happen if things do not work out, that they actually induce failure as a result. Equally well, people tend to hold themselves back from becoming successful due to fear of what will happen, whether people will come to hate them for achieving success. These things cause people to bind themselves to their existing situation, and growing unhappiness.

What will happen if things fail? You can learn, then move forward towards success with fresh knowledge.

What will happen if you succeed? You will achieve what you want, some will celebrate you, others can be bid a fond farewell if necessary.

Thinking positively, and developing the positive mindset which allows that, enables positive relationships to be formed. These increase quality of life, healthy self esteem and self confidence. All of which empower you to actually be the person you wish to be, and have the life you desire. The reality is, mindset is everything.

Let Go Of Things Dragging You Down

When things are adversely affecting your self confidence, and dragging you down, it is time to create change, and that can mean letting go.

People with lower self esteem tend to find themselves in abusive or toxic relationships, which only serve to hold them back. When work is leading to excessive negative thoughts, and affecting self belief, then poor performance and lower quality of life ensue. Unhealthy eating habits, reliance on various substances to ‘feel good’, and other dependencies will all cause adverse affects to how confident you feel, and potentially make you feel nervous about life in general.

All the stuff that holds you back is rooted in limiting decisions and beliefs deep within your unconscious mind. Deal with those psychological factors before doing anything else. Though when situations are getting truly harmful, create change and deal with it as you go. When relationships are harmful, sort them out and move on if needed, even if family is involved.

With work, change roles or companies as needed, or begin your own business.

Sometimes toughening up, and standing up for yourself can sort those situations out, other times moving on is best. This is something you need to gauge for yourself if you are doing this process on your own.

Positive Encouragement

Positive encouragement will help carry you through tough times and challenges.

A greater sense of self often comes from successfully navigating adversity, even if you are unaware of the true value until later. Stop comparing yourself to others, everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are different. That said, confident people celebrate other people’s success, and getting into that habit is a good one. Stop being jealous of other people’s success, it will only hold you back in life, create negative self talk, and lower confidence levels.

When you celebrate the success of others, you begin to attract success more easily to yourself, it’s part of the law of attraction. It also helps you feel more positive, increases faith in your own ability to succeed, and increases your ability to build positive relationships as a result.

Feeling good about things, however small, is a very good way to boost self confidence.

When you practice positive self talk as well, then holistic well being improves in a wonderful way. Magnetizing more good situations and things to you. All of which help you become more self confident.

Positive encouragement from others is great, when you drive yourself you have a greater impact on your self efficacy, that is your confidence in your own ability to produce the results you desire, as such driving your self esteem and self confidence higher.

Working On Confidence Yourself Without Help Can Take Over A Decade

Boost Your Confidence And Presence Through Deep Breathing

While you can boost your confidence quickly, even in moments using various techniques, the 30 second visualization technique for coaching yourself into success can help with this, yet its best results come after cleaning out limiting decisions and beliefs.

It’s those hard to find limiting decisions that bring the greatest gains when going through a program of self care as a route to becoming confident.

Deep Breathing For A Quick Boost With Mental Health

Doing things like deep breathing can act in a positive way to bring little boosts. When you take a deep breath you change your physiology, the very act of slow down counters feelings of being afraid, and bring calm in their place. Something which can help you feel better, and perhaps a step further towards being confident. Underlying issues are still there, though the deep breath provides quick relief in terms of mental health.

Building Respect For Yourself Helps Create Positive Mindset Changes

The six steps shared above will help bring greater self respect, which in turn translates into self confidence. The process takes time though, so never be surprised about that. Rapid results require active change from a good coach.

Using Coaching To Shortcut To High Confidence And Self Esteem

Self Esteem Makes It Easy To Speak To People And Keep Them Interested

The presence of a good NLP coach can enable transformation, and a break from previous results, in a matter of hours. A person’s mindset is a relatively complex thing, until you know how it works, and how the right linguistic approach can bring truly helpful focused and directed change.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem So You Can Build Self Confidence Easily

Mindset coaching enables a person to completely change how they function, enhancing qualities they wish were better, while eliminating or reducing ones which have held them back. The build up takes time, rooting into mindset issues can take a few hours. Change however, that can happen in a moment once the issue has been found.

You Can Develop Self Confidence Fast With The Right Skills

Public speaking is something that raises fear in a lot of people, all of which comes down to background mental processes going on within the unconscious mind. When those processes are altered, and replaced with empowering ones, fears disappear leaving confidence in their place. You cease being afraid, with previous doubts gone.

Then providing you’re the one doing the public speaking, all you need to do is take a deep breath, smile, and head forward to deliver what you are set to say, all with an air of calm about you. Start creating eye contact with some of the people you’re speaking to, and get them smiling, and your previous state will be soon forgotten.

Changing mindset, getting rid of fears, becoming a calm person whose body language confirms that lack of confidence is gone, and that self esteem along with self confidence are healthy and high, takes work. When you work with a good mindset coach that change is rapid.

Become A Confident Person

The Slow Approach Is To Continue Reading Books To Build Confidence
Research shows that confidence is a mappable brain state, which can be altered unconsciously, and near instantaneously using certain approaches. Developing confidence need not be rocket science, reading books can help, though they require a lot of effort over a sustained period of time, which can take years.
Through Use Of Mindset Coaching Building Self Confidence Can Happen Extremely Rapidly
Healthy self confidence, along with healthy self esteem, come as a result of self care. When people cultivate interests in personal development, and actively do things to release limiting decisions and beliefs, they quickly realize that becoming confident can be easy. For those that want the greatest improvement in the shortest time, getting good mindset coaching is likely the fastest route to great results, and a beautiful future.