Change Your Mindset In Under 1 Hour Coaching Yourself To Rapid Success

Change your mindset in under 1 hour? Is that possible? To me it is surprising how often I hear these things when talking with people looking to create life change or dramatically change their results in business. While a lot of people do realise that mindset change is needed to get those previously out of reach results, many of them believe that creating such incredible changes will take a lot of time.The reality is you can change your mindset in a very short period of time, and yes, if you are looking for the short version, you can change your mindset in under 1 hour using NLP coaching techniques.

Though now you know it is possible, are you actually able to do it? Likely you would need help, unless you are an NLP Master Practitioner already, though if you are then you already knew it was possible to change your mindset in under 1 hour anyway.

  1. Change Your Mindset In Under 1 Hour Coaching Yourself To Rapid Success
  2. So You Can Change Your Mindset In Under 1 Hour, But Not Everyone Can Do That, Right?
  3. Low Motivation Minimal Results With Mindset Change
  4. How Does High Motivation Ease The Path To Change Your Mindset?
  5. How Do Successful People Manifest Mindset Change With Such Ease?
  6. What Are The Essentials So You Can Change Your Mindset Effectively?
  7. The Reason Why Successful People Get Help With Mindset Change
  8. How To Change Your Mindset Rapidly And Effectively Using NLP Coaching

So You Can Change Your Mindset In Under 1 Hour, But Not Everyone Can Do That, Right?

While very few people in the world ever train to the level of NLP Master Practitioner, anyone with sufficient motivation can change their mindset in under 1 hour. While the NLP techniques themselves are what enable desired changes to be bedded in effectively, and cause long term positive effects and lasting mindset change.

It is that high level of motivation, and the actual decision to create change which precipitates your ability to actually change your mindset in the first place.

Low Motivation Minimal Results With Mindset Change

If you are only motivated enough to just think about making changes to your mindset, or potentially consider looking at a book which might help. Then in reality you will likely do very little to change your mindset.

All change requires decisiveness, commitment, and congruence about what you actually want.

If you are more or less happy as you are, things will stay more or less as they are.

Most of the people who go through significant life change have decided on some level that they truly need it. Reasonably often there has been a high level of discomfort involved which results in them choosing to create a change, because they want different results, or better results.

How Does High Motivation Ease The Path To Change Your Mindset?

So, high motivation helps you massage your mind into a state where you are able to create rapid mindset change. But why?

In simple terms because all systems, both living and inert, seek a point of stability.

When things are out of balance, including us thinking we should be enjoying different results in life, we seek and have a level of commitment to getting those results.

The further we are from what we want, the more inclined we are to do something about it.

For most people it is only once they are involved with something relatively traumatic that they decide to create big changes in their lives. For some people this can be divorce or relationship breakdown, abuse of various kinds, a failing business, or proximity of things like bankruptcy, humiliation or all manner of upsetting situations.

Most people require a negative stimulus of pain to create high motivation before they create mindset change. Which as you can imagine, is a far from efficient way to get the true results you want from life and business. So how can you level up into high motivation so that you can change your mindset with greater ease, just without the negative situations most people end up in?

This is where thinking like successful people, and being committed to manifesting your life as you wish it becomes important.

How Do Successful People Manifest Mindset Change With Such Ease?

One thing highly successful people do is accept that they at times need to create change in order to achieve what they want.

Highly successful people know that if they are lacking the results they are aiming for, then something about their behaviour or skills is causing them to miss out on the level of success they have in mind. By owning this knowledge, and being at ease with it, rather than facing insecurity as a result of it, they open themselves to actually creating that mindset change needed to bring about intended results.

It is a relatively small matter, though it is a key difference between those who are highly successful, and those who consistently lack results.

In order to change your mindset rapidly you have to know it is a good thing to do for you, and be comfortable with actually creating that change.

Once you have this in mind, you can change you mindset pretty much instantly. What then becomes important is knowing how to create laser focused mindset change which will bring you the results you desire. While knowing that change is good, and being comfortable with that change is essential, unless you know exactly what to change you are kind of in a boat without a paddle.

You know you need to get to a particular place, you want to get there, you just lack the resources to make it happen.

What Are The Essentials So You Can Change Your Mindset Effectively?

Yes, there are essentials you need to know if you want to change your mindset both rapidly and effectively.

You already know that being comfortable with change, plus desiring and being motivated to change your mindset are massively important. You also need to be specific about what you want. If you have ever read Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich then you know the importance of a stated purpose, one which is highly defined and detailed.

Though while many have read ‘Think And Grow Rich’, few actually go on to achieve the results they actually want. In part this comes down to motivation, some just lack follow through.

For others, there are other things on a deeper level which they are unaware of.

If you read the follow up book by Napoleon Hill titled ‘Outwitting The Devil‘ then you will start to become aware of other facts that you previously were unaware of.

What holds a great many people back are limiting decisions.

These are made at various points in life, in reaction to differing stimuli. Leading to a great many people clutching failure from the jaws of success, rather than failing to be successful. This is in part where self-sabotage comes in for a lot of people, all very unconscious, and at times almost imperceptible.

One of the other core elements required so you can change your mindset rapidly and effectively, is knowledge of those limiting decisions which have been holding you back. Plus of course, how to remove those limiting decisions, then replace them with beliefs that will empower you to achieve sustainable results that you desire.

While going off and learning lots of new skills will give you more resources to create results with, unless you actually deal with limiting decisions, you will continue getting the same kind of results. Even if you do get them in different ways.

It is one thing to change your mindset and give yourself more resources, it is another thing completely to change your mindset in a way which streamlines your way to achieving the actual results you desire and have the path properly open for them to happen.

The Reason Why Successful People Get Help With Mindset Change

It is incredibly challenging to reach the depths of your own mind, then deduce true root causes of challenges, unless you are incredibly comfortable with the workings of the mind, and detached enough to be non-judgemental in dealing with issues you find.

Successful people seek out specialist coaches to help them with mindset change as they know that coaches have that level of detachment, knowledge and expertise to actually hone in on real issues with great precision.

Most people wanting to build a house will get a builder to do it for them, after they have had it designed by an architect. When they want a car, they will go and find one built by a reputable manufacturer.

While we do spend a lot of time with our own minds, very few actually truly understand how their mind really works.

So why, if you get mechanics to fix cars for you, or plumbers to fix plumbing, would you feel it was best to change your mindset on your won if you are wanting the best results possible?

Highly successful people leverage specialists and their skills so that they can get the results they desire, with ease. Property developers get specialist solicitors and lawyers to cover contracts, tradesmen to do the physical work, and accountants to streamline the finances efficiently.

By this same virtue, highly successful people get coaching help for mindset change.

How To Change Your Mindset Rapidly And Effectively Using NLP Coaching

NLP coaching techniques are about the fastest way you can change your mindset, especially when you want lasting, reliable mindset change.

One of the reasons NLP is so effective, and fast, when you want to change your mindset is because rather than glossing over surface issues, it allows coaches to delve in deep, right to the core of your mindset to create changes.

When combined with techniques including Time-Line Therapy®, limiting decisions, old emotions, and all manner of issues can be dealt with in a very short period of time. Through Time-Line Therapy® it is possible to release a lifetime’s worth of negative emotion in one hour or less. Meaning you can change your mindset in a very fundamental way incredibly quickly.

Depending on your openness, and understanding issues you have experienced, it may take a little longer to uncover limiting decisions, which are far more defined and require exploratory work within a coaching environment to uncover, though still, many having NLP coaching find their issues are gone inside of four to six hours, with a relatively minimal level of ongoing coaching support needed going forward to keep them aligned for optimal goal achievement.

Why is ongoing coaching good if you can change your mindset so quickly and effectively?

Because things happen in life.

People get into situations that have an effect on their thinking, ergo even if only on a small level, you change your mindset on a daily basis. Something which can seriously effect results if left unchecked. After all, you service your car regularly to keep it running efficiently, so why wouldn’t you do something to keep your mind in optimum condition when you have results in life and business that are important to you?

The reality is that you can change your mindset rapidly, and you can also change your mindset very effectively using NLP coaching techniques. Though for the best effect you are best off getting specialist help through business coaching, or life coaching, or executive coaching when you want to change your mindset to achieve results which are important to you.

If you want to change your mindset rapidly and effectively yourself, your best course of action is to get on a good NLP Master Practitioner course, which takes a lot of time and energy. Especially when you note that good courses require that all test results are 100% right in order to pass. So a lot of study and practice, plus proof of results. So while you could study, and learn to change your mindset in under 1 hour then begin coaching yourself to rapid success. It would likely be far a more effective use of your time and energy to get specialist help from a highly skilled NLP coach when you want to change your mindset rapidly for one optimised for success.

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