Clearing Success Blocks Releasing Limiting Decisions And Beliefs

Clearing success blocks is vital whatever you wish to do in life or business. Time and time again from coaching people into greater success, mindset is crucial, and what holds people back in terms of mindset, without them even realising it, are limiting beliefs and limiting decisions.

Over time we go through various experiences, all have an impact to a greater or lesser degree, all affect how we perceive our ability to create success. With much of our ability to create success being based on our level of belief in ourselves, and what we are doing. When we have deep faith in our abilities, and 100% belief that we will succeed, it is rare for anything else to happen.

When people have limiting beliefs, or limiting decisions rolling around within their mindset, chances of achieving success become hugely diminished.

  1. Clearing Success Blocks
  2. What Are Limiting Decisions?
  3. What Are Limiting Beliefs?
  4. Success Blockages Must Be Cleared So You Can Achieve The Success You Desire
  5. Clearing Limiting Beliefs And Limiting Decisions And Actually Achieving Success
  6. How Does It Take To Find Limiting Decisions And Remove Them?

What Are Limiting Decisions?

What are limiting decisions? In short, limiting decisions are decisions we have made in light of experiences or learning that cause us to make a decision that limits our ability to do something. One example would be a salesperson who early in their carrier meets a challenging situation, is unable to create a favourable outcome, a good sale, and thinks “I cannot negotiate well.” Often this happens on n unconscious level, though there are times it happens consciously too.

Most people ignore this, largely as it happens so often in life that they get used to it. Some brush it aside, thinking it doesn’t matter, after all, it’s just a thought. Though unless the thought is contradicted or eliminated, then it stays in the mind and has an effect on the balance of the mindset.

Limiting decisions hold us back in terms of our ability to do things effectively, because we create doubt.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

What are limiting beliefs? Limiting beliefs form as a result of limiting decisions. Unless limiting decisions are removed, the brew over time, building in power though rarely in a way that is noticed by many, coming to th point where they are so strong we have developed an active belief that holds us back from doing things.

From the above example, “I cannot negotiate well” could easily transform over time, with setbacks and missed opportunities, into becoming the limiting belief “I am a terrible negotiator.” Every time an adverse outcome is experienced, the decision gains weight, more evidence piles up around it, with similar decisions joining it, until so much weight exists that it becomes a belief.

Common limiting beliefs include:

  • I am useless
  • I am worthless
  • I am unlovable
  • I am a failure
  • I never succeed

There are a huge number of others, these are incredibly common though, and block success in multiple areas of life for a great many people.

Success Blockages Must Be Cleared So You Can Achieve The Success You Desire

When you truly want to hit success, you need to clear out the blockages from your mindset. Which is what brings so many to seek out high quality coaching, they know they are missing something, they just don’t know what. Yes, this does hold for business coaching, as well as life coaching, plus sports coaching. Every issue has its roots in the mind, including sports performance, business results, and the state of relationships.

While a sports coach may focus on physical technique for part of their work, creating stronger belief in being able to be faster and stronger is essential for better results too. A person can regard themselves as weaker than everyone else, even if they can lift 300kg. In terms of physical technique, it is neurological pathways that are responsible for the movement of the musculoskeletal system. Without creating mindset change, moving in a better way is impossible. For relationships, if we doubt our ability to communicate, relate, or be loved, then all relationships will be limited. The same for business results, when business owners doubt their ability to be successful, and generate profit, then they will face challenges.

To clear success blockages, you need to delve deep within your mind. Find those limiting beliefs, and the limiting decisions they stem from.

Only once you know what those root issues are, can you actually clear out the issues, and replacement with empowering beliefs and decisions that carry you forward to success.

Clearing Limiting Beliefs And Limiting Decisions And Actually Achieving Success

Unless you have help from an incredibly good coach, who is very proficient with NLP, finding limiting decisions can be very challenging. It requires a large amount of removement from judgement.

When you judge yourself you stand the risk of creating further limiting decisions, and limiting beliefs as a result. Hence in part why many do this with help from a highly skilled NLP coach, because working with the mind on this level needs a high degree of care in order to get quality results.

If you have worked with mindfulness and compassion for a long period of time, become good with it to the level that you can be non-judgement of yourself and others, then you have a reasonable chance of actually rooting through your mind effectively, without installing further issues.

If you doubt your ability to do that, then consider getting good NLP coaching if you are committed to achieving success.

Provided you have got the detachment needed, you will likely want to have a journal to write in so you can keep track of your thoughts, and work through the pattern recognition, so that you can work out the limiting beliefs, and by extension limiting decisions, which are impacting on your ability to create the success you desire.

How Does It Take To Find Limiting Decisions And Remove Them?

For a skilled coach certified to NLP Master Practitioner or better, it can be a few hours of discovery using NLP coaching techniques, followed by around 90 minutes of Time-Line Therapy to actually remove the limiting decisions along with all the negative emotion built up around them. Taking you to a point where your mindset is clear to having empowering beliefs and decisions installed that will power you through into success far more efficiently.

When you are doing this for yourself, it could take longer, or be done relatively quickly. It completely depends on how detached and non-judgemental you can be, plus how complex your issues are.

I have worked with clients where their entire issues was gone inside 1 hour, we just homed in really quickly, then using reframes and shifts in perspective the issue was gone. Usually it takes longer because things are more embedded, with multiple strategies running at once which overlap.

When doing it for yourself, go easy, though do your best to go through in a single session. Keep going at that thread, unless you get really fatigued. Of course, sometimes a break can be good. Going off and doing something else can provide the pattern interrupt for you mind to look at things differently, and for that aha moment to just flow in. Again, being free from judgement, and kind to yourself facilitates these moments of inspired thought in a greater way.

Then once you have found the root cause, you can set about removing it, and replacing it with something empowering.

This type of mindset change is incredibly worthwhile.

Once you have released all the limiting beliefs and limiting decisions that held you back, techniques such as the 30 Second Success Visualisation Technique become far more effective. This work often brings a big shift in how you measure success as well, new mindset, new thinking, better focus. All of which empowers you to achieve the success you desire with far greater ease.

So, start clearing success blocks, releasing limiting decisions and beliefs, and free yourself to flow into success, happiness and fulfilment with ease you never realised you could. Clear out any jealousy of others success, and you really set yourself free to achieve success.