Coaching Success Through Personal Change

Coaching What It Is And How To Get The Best

Coaching holds the ability to unleash incredible potential, when done well.

Whatever the problem to be overcome, having the right coaching psychology, working with mindset and creating mindset change, i.e. mindset coaching, is core to achieving the best results possible.

In order to achieve personal goals, a person needs to know exactly what they wish to accomplish, have a highly skilled coach that can facilitate the change, and have a good coaching relationship with their coach. Without good rapport, change rarely happens. Largely because in order to create mindset change, belief structures must be altered, and potentially values sets changed. Without having trust and faith in the coach, i.e. rapport, those changes rarely happen.

Something which is crucial to understand is that your mindset is comprised of different values, beliefs, thoughts, opinions and other things. Real mindset change requires shifts in all those things. What follows is how to change your mindset in the most effective, and fastest, way possible.

Permeation Of Coaching In Modern Life

As testament to the number of people that seek a coach these days, as of 2020 there were 26,000 life coaches said to operate in the United States, with the value of the U.S. life coaching market hitting USD1,469.1 million in 2022.

43% of people in the U.S. have used a life coach at some point in their life.

Naturally there is a wide degree of variation in the rates people pay for coaching, due the type, level of proficiency and experience. Bearing that in mind, in 2019 the U.S. had a population of 328.3 million people, that is around 164.4 million people in the U.S. alone, that have used life coaching to help them, without account for other types of coaching.

Experienced Professional Coaches Help You Distil The Best Success

While anyone can gain skills, or become certified coaches, the coaches who can help best are those who have experience of, and can work with, mindset on the deepest level.

Sometimes a federation or association accreditation can look good, though some of the best coaches in the world never affiliate with such organizations. Accreditations are rarely an indication of achievable results, or the mark of a successful coach.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching when done by effective coaches brings transformational mindset change, which causes improvements to both work and personal life.

Whether a someone seeks online, offsite, practice based or workplace coaching, good coaches run every coaching session in a manner that enables their client to have the breakthroughs they need, which bring about the positive changes they desire.

Coaching Vs. Mentoring

Unlike coaching, which elicits changes from within the client, bringing solutions that come as a result of inspiration, which are tailored to the client and their situation, mentoring relies on teaching a client how to do a particular thing.

As such, unlike coaching, mentoring shares processes and set frameworks to work within. This can constrain the client in their ability to succeed, as it neglects the capacity of their mindset. As such, mentoring ignores qualities and skills that could bring better results, if different approaches were taken.

Many who say they are coaching leadership in executives are actually mentoring them, as they tell them directly what to do.

Coaching focuses on creating solutions unique to the client and their mindset.

Formal Training And Specific Skills Needed By Your Coach To Achieve Success

Emotional Regulation Is Beneficial During All Coaching Conversations

Some skills are universal, able to be applied to varying coaching situations and bring about the desired results. Other skills are more niche, and only used with specific types of coaching. Understanding what skills create most benefit ensures that coaching clients get the best for their investment.

While some coaches rely on personal experience to help them gain results with clients, top coaches never do. Everyone has their own uniqueness, and the best coaches with that uniqueness to help their clients be the best version of themselves possible. When coaches use that type of evidence based coaching too much, they are limiting their clients to the results they achieved and are effectively doing mentoring instead of coaching.

People can accomplish far more when their coach unlocks previously untapped sources of opportunity for achieving success in the way they desire it.

Core to this is enhancing confidence and self awareness.

Coaching brings the best results when a person’s inner game is in flow, with heart and mind working in cooperation rather than in conflict. Coaching work is about optimization, and there are some key techniques and modalities that are beneficial, when well developed, to all types of coaching clients.

Different Modalities That Help The Coaching Process And Therapeutic Intervention

Two of the most useful skillsets for anyone receiving coaching of any type, are:

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Time-Line Therapy

NLP, neuro linguistic programming, enables coaches to work with the unconscious mind on the deepest level, bringing about changes in values and beliefs with ease. As a result, bring about the changes desired by the client in the fastest manner possible from the process of coaching.

Time-Line Therapy is a process that enables a person to release a lifetime’s worth of negative emotion in around 1 hour. It can also be used to remove limiting decisions and limiting beliefs, along with anxiety. In doing so, remove anchors which have held people back for many years.

Both these techniques have numerous specific skills within them, and require formal training for the best effects to be possible. Initial training for basic competency yields Practitioner level certification, the advanced course of Master Practitioner level certification enables the deepest, most effective changes, comes from.

Federation And Association Accreditations And Their Value

There are various federations and associations for coaches, national and international, such as the international coaching federation. In reality they do little, other than demonstrate that a person has either attended certain courses, is doing a certain amount of coaching per year, or a combination of the two. Amount of time spent doing a thing is can be misleading in terms of how good someone is at that thing.

It is of far higher value to find a coach you have very good rapport with, who has high level skills in techniques that can help you attain desired future results in a timely, lasting, manner.

Benefits Of Professional Coaching

A Top Coach May Change Focuses To Develop Key Supporting Areas Of A Person's Potential

Core to all the benefits of professional coaching is unleashing personal and professional potential.

There are numerous coaching benefits, with the following being regularly cited by those receiving coaching:

  • Enhanced sense of fulfillment
  • Improved self confidence
  • Greater self awareness
  • Improved ability to interact with others
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Feeling in control of life
  • Ability to achieve goals at will

In terms of specifics, studies have indicated that 80% of people gain improved self confidence, with 70% of people quoting improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. Thus coaching increases well being in a very holistic way for those having it.

There are also additional benefits to specific types of coaching expertise, e.g. Neuro Linguistic Programming, as well as to methods of delivery such as the benefits gained from having online coaching.

NLP Coaching Creating Rapid Lasting Mindset Change

Good Coaching Focuses On Mindset Change Delivered By Skilled Professionally Trained Coaches

NLP, neuro linguistic programming, was developed by John Bandler and Richard Grinder in the 1970’s based of earlier work by Milton H. Erikson and Virginia Satir amongst others. The use of neuro linguistic programming has seen a rise within coaching practices due to the depth and speed with which results can be achieved.

That said, it has also had a certain level of controversy around it, with various commentators less certain about its efficacy. What is rarely properly accounted for is the efficacy of training received by certain practitioners. Those who are well trained, do help their clients to accomplish incredible results in short periods of time, even if there are difficult conversations that need to be had. Meta analysis looking through various evidence based studies have also shown neuro linguistic programming to be effective compared to other psychotherapeutic methods.

Because neuro linguistic programming is a set of tools that work with the unconscious mind on the deepest level, it enables the coaching professional using it to help overcome very specific challenges within people’s own lives, regardless of their own experience of that particular area or challenge.

Even diverse requirements for people needing help in the field of the performing arts, especially with unblocking the creative process, can be dramatically helped due to the depth worked on in the unconscious mind using neuro linguistic programming coaching methods. Most coaching methods are unable to achieve the deep results that NLP coaching can.

NLP And Time-Line Therapy A Combination For Clearing And Achieving Results

While neuro linguistic programming helps with rapid mindset change in terms of actual programming, altering belief sets and bringing about innovative thinking for the person being coached. Time-Line Therapy helps them to release negative emotions and limiting decisions with great effectiveness. With a well trained practitioner, most people can release a life time’s worth of negative emotion in around one hour.

As a result, some NLP trainers include Time-Line Therapy with their NLP certification, often alongside hypnosis training too.

Mindset Coaching Optimizing The Mind For Achieving Dreams

Mindset coaching should be the focus for most people, and realistically forms a major component of any type of serious coaching.

Mindset matters to everything, and unless it is optimized for the results a person wishes to attain, that person is hugely unlikely to accomplish their intended results.

Mindset coaching when done properly requires high levels of skill with techniques including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time-Line Therapy, Positive Psychology, and for some coaches, Emotional Freedom Technique. The draw back with EFT being that is must be done in person, whereas the others can be done remotely via video call or even telephone.

Mindset coaching is an incredibly powerful way to develop and empower, and a great many people have become truly successful in life as a result of having it.

Business Coaching Unlocking An Easier Path To Success

Coaching Helps Achieve Better Work Life Balance And Achieve A Person's Potential More Easily

Many in business hit challenges, and while many of them seek training and new methodologies for improving results, it often takes a good business coach to help them understand how to solve problems and actually tailor various approaches to their business. While many think time management is crucial to improve performance, there are other things which are often more important.

Personal Development Guided By A Good Coach Drives Business Growth

From a coaching perspective the biggest thing that holds people back are their own limiting beliefs. A commonly cited statistic is that approximately 90% of new businesses fail in their first year, there are a variety of surface reasons for this, the majority of which come down to a person’s limiting beliefs.

In the ‘Undercover Billionaire’ season 2, grant Cardone gets dropped in a town where no-one knows him, he goes under a different name, unable to use his contacts, and had 90 days to create a $1 million business starting with just $100 and the clothes he had. He achieves far more than the producers thought he could. His reasoning for how he achieved what he did was his mindset, along with the knowledge he had. Strong testament to what can be achieved when you truly believe and have a mindset optimized for success.

Overcoming Business Problems With Original Solutions

Good business coaches help their clients overcome challenges with original solutions. While many businesses have similarities, every single one is different. All due to the people working within them. Good business coaches help business owners to adapt solutions to their own particular context, while also helping them optimize their mindset for success. Removing limiting beliefs, and installing ability to generate growth by facilitating their own growth on a core level.

Life Coaching Creating Alignment With Goals And Dreams

Both The Coach And The Client Find The Right Answers Together By Asking The Right Questions

Life coaching is probably the most common form of coaching that people seek. Largely as it can help people gain greater success in terms of the results they desire in both their personal and professional lives. For those running their own business, or having some level of entrepreneurship about them business coaching is better, for those seeking greater job satisfaction and a happier life in general then life coaching is usually the right thing. Coaches should always be consulted about how they can help with any particular area before coaching is committed to though.

Deeper elements of mental health can be addressed, depending on the life coach training that coach has had. With most life coaches, you will be better seeking help from a trained mental health professional for many issues. With a life coach who’s a well skilled NLP Master Practitioner, various aspects of mental fitness can be addressed:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Nervous Breakdown

Plus various other mental health care points can dealt with by skilled NLP Master Practitioners. For serious mental illness issues, seek help from a trained mental health professional.

Personal Growth Achieved With Your Coach Empowers Your Life

When working with life coaches, life should improve on a holistic level. That is, every aspect of life should improve. Thus yielding enhanced well being overall. Often there is a component of positive psychology involved, and developing skills for self efficacy with it. Positive psychology started coming to the fore in the 1950’s with Abraham Maslow, and is well known for healthily building mental assets.

Clearing Relationship Issues, Establishing Good Self-Esteem And Valuing Yourself

The process of clearing away old issues, removing limiting beliefs, and building up self esteem are core to what is possible with life coaching, and indeed to all types of coaching for that matter.

Only once issues of negative self worth, and limiting decisions, have been cleared can issues like the cycle of abuse, the boom bust cycle that leads to financial hardship and poverty, and numerous other challenges, can be overcome. Whilst learning to value yourself may seem simple, when there are underlying, unconscious, blockages it can be nigh on impossible to do, unless a good professional coach with the right coaching approach is there to help. Health coaching can be combined as needed in certain cases.

Executive Coaching Developing Leadership Ability

Effective Goal Setting Is Just One Way A Good Coach Helps Clients Achieve Their Desired Future

Achieving more within the workplace, building effective teams, levelling up organization achievement, are all major challenges for executives. Mindset is crucial for this level of work, it affects strategic thinking, decision making, communication skills and leadership ability, as such there is a high degree of personal and professional development required for those seeking improve performance at this level. As such, a highly skilled executive coach is worth having.

It has been cited by the American University in Washington D.C. that “organizations that offer training alone experience 22% increase in productivity, but when combined with coaching that figure rises to 88%.” The ability to fine tune success does depend heavily on having the right coaching professionals helping.

Becoming A Better Leader And Communicator With Coaching Help

Having the right degree of self awareness is core to success with executive coaching, and indeed permeates the ability to succeed with any type of coaching. Role satisfaction is often key, in part due to the relationship between stress, negativity and effectiveness. When people are less stresses, i.e. handle things more calmly, are positive from their core outwards, they can lead and communicate more effectively.

Quality executive coaching nurtures traits that create a natural leader. Helping the individual concerned to excel with minimal effort. External coaches commonly produce better results than organization’s internal ones, partly due to independent thinking.

Career Coaching Helping With Career Development

A career coach will help you work through how to accomplish career goals, guiding personal and professional growth during coaching sessions so that you can set goals and tailor your work balance to ascending on an optimal path for your desired result.

Career Coach Helps Speed Up Progression

A career coach can help clients achieve career goals much faster, as the coach involved has a different perspective, and can find opportunities they may never have noticed on their own.

Sports Coaching The Root To Peak Performance

Sports coaches do help with physiology in terms of performance, for peak performance going deep into sports psychology is needed. The mindset of the client requires optimization in order for the fastest times, and winning elements of performance to come together properly.

Sports coaching can be very simple at basic levels. One of the key characteristics that turns things around for top sports teams, or solo professionals, is getting their mindset right for what they are doing, and that is a very intricate task. Something sports coaches proved heavily was the value of visualization, it’s effect on mindset, and how it helps make goal achievement easier.

Selecting The Best Coaching Practice For The Required Personal Transformation

Strong Coaching Cultures From A Good Coaching Organization Bring Transformational Results

Every coaching practice is different, some require in person attendance, others will schedule Zoom or Skype calls for coaching sessions so their client can be in a more convenient location for themselves. There are benefits to both ways of doing things, and some very specific benefits of online coaching including how safe space is provided.

When selecting which coaching practice to help with any issue, the following should be considered:

  • Ease of access
  • Provision of safe space and privacy
  • How well trained coaches are
  • Mental health care experience

Standards do vary across the coaching industry, so choosing a place that works best for the requirement you have is the best way forward. Wherever possible, consult with various practices, gaining experience of how coaches work before committing to the best option.

Achieve Success More Easily With Help From A Top Professional Coach

Self improvement is always good to do, coaching greatly reduced time needed for goal achievement though. There are distinct differences in how self development and coaching can help, specifically it is a coach’s job to help their clients feel empowered, releasing past experiences that hold them back, acquire new skills that empower progression, and optimize their mindset for goal achievement.