How To Measure Success So You Can Easily Coach Yourself Into Success

Knowing how to measure success is crucial when you actually want to achieve success. Without the relevant tells, how would you ever know if you were successful? More importantly, those tell tale signs of success must be ones that you have specified, because if you are using other people’s success signs, then you are measuring success by their standards.

You should never measure success by other people’s standards.

If you have had trouble achieving success in the past, it is likely because other people’s values and success measurements have been involved.

One of the the key things to remember on how to measure success, is to measure success by your own standards. That is what we are going to delve into here, so you know how to measure success by your own standards, so you will get the best effect.

Importantly, by measuring success by your own standards, you will find it far easier to coach yourself into success. You can align yourself properly with your goals and dreams, and achieve success that has previously alluded you, with ease. Largely because you will feel inspired by how you have set things to be measured, and how you have defined the goals and dreams you are working on.

So get ready to redefine how to measure success for yourself, and then fast track coaching yourself into achieving that success with ease.

How To Measure Success

  1. How To Measure Success
  2. What Is Success To You
  3. How To Define Success
  4. What Success Looks Like
  5. What Is The Definition Of Success
  6. What Is Your Definition Of Success
  7. How Do You Evaluate Success
  8. What Is Success?

What Is Success To You

What is success to you? What comes to mind when you think of success?

Everyone has different thoughts on this.

Challenges can often come when partners, both business and romantic partners, have different ideas. Which is one of the core reasons for only ever partnering with people who share your vision of the future, and your vision of success. Partner with people who have a different vision and you will find yourself being pulled off track, either willingly or unwillingly, I know, I have been there many times.

Partner with people who share your visions and values, where you can be true to yourself, and you can achieve success easily, something I consistently noted from various successful times in my life.

If you are to know how to measure success, you first have to know what is success to you.

If you have goals in mind, or dreams you wish to bring into life, then you already have most of what you need in terms of metrics for success.

Getting in touch with visualizations of those goals and dreams is incredibly important if you are to make them happen. Why?

Because those visualizations hold the key to all the evidence you need to see, in order to know what success is to you. Going through the 30 second visualization to coach yourself into success is something that can be really good at this point. It will help you to get deeply in touch with all the evidence criteria that will have you knowing exactly what is success to you.

Understand first what you want to achieve, what that thing is that you view as success. Once you know this, you know what is success to you, and you can move on to defining success so that you can easily coach yourself into achieving that success.

How To Define Success

How to define success? This is where you need to have that clear vision of what you are wishing to achieve. Of how you wish to be.

Being happy is something that a lot of people mention within their definition of success. Which is good, of course you want to be happy, though you can be happy at any time. Happiness is purely a state, and with the right psychological shift you can be happy at any time.

You can have a gorgeously rich piece of chocolate and feel happy. Does eating that chocolate make you successful? Likely not. Unless you measure success by eating incredibly good chocolate.

Happiness comes from being in a state that results from various environmental conditions, with the duration of that happiness being dependent on how enduring those environmental factors are. When you have a short break from work, and feel happy, then head back into high stress and feel down, you are not briefly achieving success, you are still in transition towards success. Where moving towards success or away from it, unless you have achieved success you are still on the journey. Remember, the destination is independent of the route taken.

When you are working in a way that you feel happy all the time, and with a partner with whom you are consistently happy, then you are far more on the track to success. Depending on what other things you have within your vision of life, work, and success. This is largely because when you spend the majority of your time with people who share your values, and have faith in you, and you feel supported, it is far easier to be yourself, and achieve success with whatever you set your mind to.

Though even when you are on your own, or feel the world is against you, you can still come out on top. The underdog who goes against the odds and achieves success. Provided you know how to measure success, and take the right action to support success.

Hence why using that success visualization technique is so important.

It gives you all the knowledge you need, so that you do know how to define success in terms of what you want to achieve. It gives you all the metrics for how to measure success, all you need to do is make note of them.

You can keep mental note of how to define success in terms of your vision, or you can flow into a note book and write out all your metrics for how to measure success in terms of what you know means you have achieved that success.

Go through the visualization technique, then crystalize various points.

Foremost should always be that single piece of evidence which you will see, hear or feel when you have achieved success.

On top of that piece of measurable evidence, note everything else from within your vision that has you knowing you have been successful. There is more to this than you realize, and it means that success is different to everyone.

What Success Looks Like

So ask yourself what success looks like.

Which things mean that success to you becomes tangible?

Knowing what is tangible in terms of your vision of success is incredibly important when it comes to how to measure success.

Unless you have something tangible, it is impossible to measure success.

This could sound very materialistic. However. Emotions can be felt at any time, as mentioned earlier with happiness. Emotions can be tuned into at any time, so if your vision of success is dependent purely on how you feel emotionally, then you can have that at any time, and realistically you can do it right now, in this moment.

If however achieving that emotional state is your goal, be it something like being free from stress, healing a heartbreak, recovering from a sense of loss, then you can put points of definition around how you will know those things have happened. As such enabling you to take appropriate action so you can coach yourself into achieving that success.

Understanding which parts of your vision of success are tangible is hence crucial to knowing how to measure success. Unless you know what success looks like to you, you will find success very elusive, and thus coaching yourself into success will be incredibly challenging.

Once you have clarity around what success looks like, then you can discern how to measure success, and you are well on your way to actually coaching yourself into success as you see it.

Once you get clarity on what success looks like, you can build a definition of success.

What Is The Definition Of Success

What is the definition of success? It depends on your vision of success.

In many ways, and most simplistically, the definition of success is when you achieve the outcome you desire.

This is why understanding, knowing, what success looks like to you is so important. It means that you can build your definition of success.

Once you have those metrics from your visualization of success, you can draw out the metrics for how to measure success. From those metrics you can then build your definition of success by building out statements regarding your success.

Again, this is where a notebook can be incredibly useful in terms of knowing the definition of success. By writing everything out, you can gain a more conscious understanding of what success is, how you will know when you have it.

Thus can coach yourself into that success with a degree of ease.

What Is Your Definition Of Success

What is your definition of success? Use that visualization of success, use those metrics around how to measure success, place everything in first person as you write out what success means to you.

This point about writing in first person, “I am…” “I have…” “I can see…” It is crucial.

Success is a deeply personal thing, it is different for almost everyone, except for a very small number of people who truly share your values and vision.

When you place your definition of success into first person statements, that draw on the metrics you have draw from your own success visualization. Then you create something truly compelling.

You create a piece of literature which is inspirational for you.

This piece of literature should excite you.Being excited about being successful is a very healthy thing.

If you have any hesitancy or reluctance about success, or are catching yourself thinking that being successful is anything other than healthy, then there are definitely some things that would be good to let go of within your mindset. Coaching yourself through letting go can massively empower you towards becoming successful in the way you wish to be.

The only reason people ever successively miss out on success is down to their mindset.

When your values and beliefs are supportive of success being healthy, and good for you, then you can coach yourself into success with minimal resistance.

So if anything holds you back from knowing 100% that success is a healthy thing for you, get started on the mindset change that will have you knowing 100% that being successful is a good thing for you.

Something that held me back for years was feeling that everyone else was more worthy of success, and I needed to look after others first. It was only once I realized that I could only ever truly help others once I was being successful myself, that I truly started being able to help others. Now I find it easy to help others because I am successful myself.

It’s why lots of philanthropists are highly successful people.

Because they can easily look after themselves, they can easily look after others.

So, change your mindset as needed so you can support your achievement of success, and get your definition of success clearly down on paper. Using first person, exploring and writing out all that evidence you have seen, heard and felt from your visualization, that has you knowing how to measure success and what success looks like to you.

Get this and you are well on the way to success.

How Do You Evaluate Success

How do you evaluate success? Refer to your definition of success. Having written everything out in terms of how to measure success based on your vision of success, you can create criteria that make it easy to evaluate success.

If you wish to create bullet points, a checklist, or some other quick reference, do.

Never feel that you need to have a checklist though.

When you set yourself up properly, with your mindset fully aligned, and have been through the success visualization properly, then likely you can just forget about checklists. Instead allowing events to unfold around you as your mind brings into place everything needed so that your dream or goal can come to fruition with ease.

Only ever evaluate success in terms of your definition of success.

What other people expect is irrelevant, and is what would have them feeling successful. If you try to live to someone else’s expectations, you will like feel unsatisfied.

If someone is discouraging you from achieving what you think would be good, ask yourself if being around that person is good for you.

A big challenge for a lot of people is being talked out of what they are capable of, because others feel insecure about themselves and their own capabilities. Or even having fixed views on how life should be. Having friends or family that tell you to aim lower can be one of the worst things, it can have you talking yourself out of a dream, settling for less, and being unhappy. Thus missing out on success. Again, I have been there and it massively held me back as I talked myself out of things, becoming demotivated and depressed.

If someone is encouraging you to aim higher, consider how you feel.

If you take the feedback and it gives you confidence, that’s fine. Never allow yourself to be talked down though. Just because others feel something is impossible, or improbable, need never mean it is for you. It just means it is for them.

When you believe something is possible for you, it is only about discovering how to make it happen.

When I did my NLP training we did a lot around goals and dreams. A whole new world opened to me, I felt a rush of inspiration and it opened up a wealth of opportunity for success, and some incredible results. Allow inspiration to flow, and know if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

When you know how to measure success, based on your own visualization of success, then everything becomes possible. Provided your mindset is properly aligned. That your values and beliefs are truly supportive of your definition of success, then that success can easily come.

Evaluate success based on your criteria, your definition of success.

Than you will know when you really are successful, plus, you will feel it most fully.

What Is Success?

What is success? It completely depends on you. What is your definition of success? It is a highly personal thing, for some it is have a certain relationship, for others a job, for others still being free from a job free to travel or enjoy running their business.

Because of this knowing how to measure success is completely dependent on that person evaluating their own success. Everyone’s definition of success is different, thus you can only ever know how to measure success for yourself, because it is by your own standards.

Whether you are seeking:

Or something else, all this holds true.

Do some NLP study, get yourself on an NLP course even, so you can empower yourself with techniques that allow you to do NLP coaching for yourself, it can bring incredible breakthroughs. Importantly, NLP can help you keep yourself neatly aligned with your vision for success through any challenges that come. When you can coach yourself through those day to day moments, with mindful awareness of how you are feeling and thinking, then achieving success becomes far simpler.

And if you believe you need help, then get help. Never feel you have to go it alone. You can coach yourself into success. You can also shave years of time needed to achieve success through getting help, be that from the right team, or from the right coach.

So what is success? And more importantly, how to measure success?

Success is what you define as being what you want. Success is an achievement which is tangible, and results in you having an enduring environment which has you feeling happy and fulfilled. The best way to measure success is against your vision for the success you wish to create. Success which is tangible, defined. Yet results in a positive psychological state that persists.

So, build your vision of success, to your definition of success. Then you will know how to measure success, and be able to easily coach yourself into success. Fortune be with you.