Mindset Coaching How To Leverage The Full Power Of Your Mindset

Mindset Coaching How To Leverage The Full Power Of Your Mindset

Mindset coaching offers a powerful option for removing the mental blocks that hold people back, while working within a solution focused framework of positive psychology, in order to help clients achieve their goals and desired outcome.

In short, mindset coaching offers people a tailored approach to achieving the success they desire.

One On One Coaching With A Good Mindset Coach Brings Incredible Personal Growth Which Transforms Opportunity And Potential

Working in a one on one coaching environment allows a mindset coach to work in the deepest way possible with the mindset of their client. While group coaching can be useful in certain situations, and certain mindset aspects, there are nuances to people’s values and beliefs that mean working with one on one coaching is far more effective.

Mindset coaches do far more than just teach clients how to do things, they expand their thinking patterns, and capacity to achieve goals. Good coaches help their clients develop a growth mindset which empowers them into bring any goal or dream into fruition.

Clients Who Work With Mindset Coaches Achieve Their Goals With Incredible Speed

What Is A Mindset Coach?

A mindset coach is a person who helps their clients to remove mental blocks, negative recurring thought patterns, and create mindset shifts that help the client to create a successful happy life for themselves, and achieve their goals.

A mindset coach works with special personal development techniques in order to create change on the deepest level of mindset possible. Thereby creating the widest possible positive change for their clients.

Achieving Personal And Professional Potential

Universally, those in the coaching business work to help clients achieve their goals, and unlock their potential. This is true whether a person is a life coach, business coach, executive coach, or even a sports coach. The difference when it comes to a mindset coach is the depth of the work done, and the techniques used to bring that change.

Removing Self Doubt And Limiting Beliefs

Self doubt and limiting beliefs are common things that hold people back from achieving the success they desire, both professionally, and in life.

Self doubt is an extension of limiting beliefs. With limiting decisions being the root cause of limiting beliefs. Limiting decisions are formed as a result of certain life experiences, usually an unpleasant event, commonly defined as being negative. Importantly, they are almost always formed unconsciously, often at a young age. They can be formed later in life too, usually as a result of a traumatic event.

When coaches help clients navigate their unconscious mind to remove these things, the client comes out feeling like an enormous weight has lifted. With a sense of lightness and freedom coming through. At times, they can also feel tired, due to the energetic shift that has occurred.

Universally, this enables those being coached to move forward in ways that had previously seemed impossible. There are some specific coaching processes which are very key for this release work.

Stopping Self Sabotage And Negative Self Talk

Self sabotage and negative self talk come as a result of limiting decisions. As such, their root cause is held within the unconscious mind, and few people are ever aware of why they have such issues. Or where they come from.

Releasing limiting beliefs, and thus removing self doubt, thus has the effect of stopping people from negatively talking to themselves and sabotaging their own efforts. One thing few people realize is how easily they could have succeeded at different times, though due to certain belief structures they instead clutch failure from the jaws of success.

Dealing with these things is very important for happiness, fulfillment and success to be enjoyed.

Creating A Desired Future

Mindset Coaching Helping People Achieve The Best From Their Mindset And Their Life
Creating an ideal future is something most people wish to achieve. Though while they have limiting decisions blocking progress, with stress levels rising due to negative thinking patterns, and the self talk which comes with that. Achieving success can be extremely challenging, if not impossible.

The achievement of success, in whatever form is desired by the client, becomes far easier having been through release work with a good mindset coach.

Once a person is clear of thought patterns that held them back, it is relatively easy to establish the energy alignment, neurology, and belief structures, which makes achieving their goals and dreams a relatively simple process.

Increasing Self Awareness

Through Quality Coaching A Mindset Coach Hones Focus And Thinking Patterns For Achievement
Throughout the mindset coaching process, increasing levels of focus come through. Clients gain clarity about their thought patterns and resulting actions. Leading to increasing self awareness.

That increased self awareness becomes very useful, especially outside of coaching sessions, so that clients can help keep themselves on track more effectively. Thus enabling greater pushes forward as their mindset coach works with fine tuning their mindset for the results they desire, rather than cleaning up other issues that have re-established.

Self reflection and self awareness are important qualities to develop for anyone wishing for greater success.

What Kind Of Coaching Process Does A Good Mindset Coach Use?

Every Coaching Business Is Different So Make Sure You Get The Right One For Your Mindset Goals

There are a lot of coaching techniques that can be used by coaches. There are few that offer truly deep results and changes for the clients that coaches work with though. Knowing what techniques to look out for is extremely important when considering anyone as a mindset coach.

Mindset Coaches Must Be Highly Skilled With Certain Techniques For Clients To Get The Best Results

For one, if the coach fails to deal with issues properly, it can spell bigger challenges for the client. Also, if only surface level work is done, more akin to where a coach will teach clients how to do something, rather than fixing a root issue, then the root cause will remain. Root causes for limitations and negativity must be removed in order for success to truly flow.
The 3 Most Effective Techniques Used For Mindset Coaching
Unless your mindset coach is using some of these techniques, serious questions should be asked about how they are going to create mindset change in the way it is needed.

The Benefit Of Neuro Linguistic Programming In Mindset Coaching

Having an Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified mindset coach can open the doors to incredibly rapid, lasting and deep change.

NLP is a set of techniques developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970’s, based on the work of role models including Milton H. Erickson and Virginia Satir. It works directly with the unconscious mind, and various sources have cited 1 hour of NLP coaching as having the same effect as 500 hours of traditional psychotherapy or 5,000 hours of counselling. NLP is a very active way of dealing with thought patterns, and helping a person to empower their own mindset in a very short period of time.

With the right NLP Master Practitioner certified mindset coach, a client can change very easily from having a fixed mindset to a growth mindset in just a few hours.

Changing Thought Patterns Using NLP And TLT Is Easy With A Good Mindset Coach

NLP helps those receiving mindset coaching to activate their inner drive in a more focused way than is usually possible, due to the targeted way thinking and habit change is effected. Plus how internal work is done in order to help them become their best selves.

There are many successful entrepreneurs that credit their NLP coaching experience as being instrumental in them becoming the very best versions possible of themselves.

The Value Of Time-Line Therapy In Mindset Coaching Sessions

Time Line Therapy Is A Vital Technique For Mindset Coaches When Cleaning Up A Mindset

Time-Line Therapy is something very few people have ever heard of, usually unless they have had it, or been recommended it by someone who has had it.

Time-Line Therapy (TLT) was developed by Tad James, who was the first person to certify as an NLP Master Trainer having trained with Richard Bandler and John Grinder. TLT works by guiding a person along their timeline, which is elicited at the start of the session. For the majority of clients working with a mindset coach, the top 5 negative emotions can be released over the period of 1 hour, for the whole of their life.

TLT is also used to remove limiting decisions, and to then help a person structure and embed goals for a desired future in a way that enables that goal to be achieved with far greater ease than usually possible.

When done properly, the mix of release, then empowerment and goal setting, builds rock solid belief that is justified. Facilitating a very positive mindset which is properly focused on success, rather than being pulled in multiple directions as it was previously.

It’s worth reading this blog post on releasing limiting decisions and beliefs to understand the value of this better.

Emotional Freedom Technique And Mindset Coaching

Some mindset coaches use emotional freedom technique (EFT) to release old negative emotions and limiting decisions.

Due to the nature in which it works, EFT has to be done in person, this it due to the need to press precise pressure points with careful timing. EFT as with TLT and NLP is a very precise, though while NLP and TLT require precision mentally, EFT also requires that precision on a physical level. As such, EFT can only be used in face to face sessions, where either your coach visits you, or you visit their coaching practice.

EFT can be very good, it’s nature does make it challenging to work with remotely though, which for clients can be an issue when things arise and they need support while on business, travelling or in other emergencies.

Results Mindset Coaching Clients Can Expect

Mindset coaching focuses on helping people overcome issues that hold them back. As such, when working with a good mindset coach, those who allow themselves to flow with their sessions, to adapt, release and grow, will open themselves up to the achievement of whatever goals and dreams they have, within the bounds of what’s realistic.
What’s Realistic?
Mindset Coaches Understand That What Is Realistic Varies By Person And Mindset
Many things can seem realistic to one person, yet not another, in this context while it is realistic to become financially independent, have a successful business and family life. It would be unrealistic for someone who is 25 to win an under 18s tennis competition, they would never meet the age requirement.

For most people, their goals are realistic, provided they think they are.

Common Results Clients Experience From Working With Their Mindset Coaches

There are more, plus of course if they are using online coaching rather than in person visits with mindset coaches, then the additional benefits of online coaching are gained too.

Ongoing Self Improvement

Self Improvement Comes Naturally When Working With A Mindset Coach

Every session brings about mindset shift. So every session brings self improvement.

Someone who initially has a fixed mindset can as a result very quickly find themselves developing a growth mindset. Largely because they experience so much evidence of change. With a fixed mindset, change and growth are often thought of as impossible. Yet through use of techniques such as NLP, boundaries in the mind are broken down, perspectives shifted around, and growth experienced as a matter of course. It is an incredibly good way to foster, or expand, a growth mindset for anyone.

The continual improvement, and sense of accomplishment that growing brings, causes most mindset coaching clients to experience more joy on an ongoing basis than they ever expected.

Increasing Self Awareness

Every iteration of change, every mindset shift, regardless of magnitude, contributes towards an expanding capacity for self awareness.

Increasing self awareness is a benefit of the mindset coaching business which rarely gets the recognition it deserves. This is something that is crucial for anyone seeking happiness and success in life. Without self awareness people lose perspective on how who they are, and what they are doing, impacts on others, or creates benefit.

When a person has awareness of their actions, and the results that comes from those actions, in a holistic manner, i.e. in totality down to the smallest detail. Then they can adapt, compensate, improve, and move forward stronger. Thereby in a way that is more empowered in terms of creating results that are positive for everyone involved.

Mindset Coaches Help Restructure Thinking In Clients So They Can Achieve Goals Easily

Establishment Of Justifiable Self Love

With continuing self growth, self awareness, release of limiting decisions and negative emotions, comes the expansion of self esteem, and the ability to love ones self.

Whether a person is seeking relationship, academic or business success, the ability to love themselves has a strong influence over their ability to succeed.

When a person does not love themselves, their self esteem is low, and on an unconscious level they believe they do not deserve good things, or success, in any way. They feel fixed in negativity.

When a person loves themselves in a way which is justified, and true, then their self esteem is healthy, and their ability to succeed in whatever they choose to, becomes very strong.

As a person takes more time to focus on their mindset, their thinking adapts. They begin seeing the world in different ways. During each session with their mindset coach new perspectives on existing issues are attained, and old views become challenged. Through all of these things, and more, they gain ever more realization as to who they really are, and the value they bring to the world. Hence the justified love and self esteem.

Increasing Levels Of Well Founded Self Belief

A Skilled Mindset Coach Can Help Clients Achieve Far More Than A Life Coach

Positive changes with self confidence and self belief flow through in an ongoing basis when working with the right mindset coach.

Mindset coaches work on creating empowered belief in themselves as a core focus with all clients they work with. Whether working in a similar capacity as a life coach, to help them get their life as they wish, as a business coach so they can get their own business success flowing, or something else, this is true.

Everything in terms of success and results, is founded on belief.

This type of focus on positive psychology creates a holistic level of success for the person receiving mindset coaching. All areas of their life improve, plus and very importantly, the lives of those around them improve too. This second point helps create expanding evidence for the increased, yet healthy, belief in themselves, while also supporting stronger, more supportive foundations for success.

Regular Course Correction To The Right Direction For Success

Things happen in life.

As much as it would be wonderful for people to have things optimized, then never need help again, life can bring change when least expected. Sometimes by choice, sometimes seemingly at random.

Having someone with the right mindset coaching skills to help navigate through life changes, business changes, upheaval and times when getting either knocked off course, or deciding on a totally new direction, helps a person get themselves on track in the most efficient manner possible.

While clients usually come to their mindset coaches for assistance with a set issue, they tend to find that as they evolve and go through self growth, their world evolves with them.

Often to the point of their focus changing, with new goals and dreams arriving as a result.

Mindset Coaches Facilitate Continual Ongoing Personal Development

Even though self awareness is developed during coaching sessions, the mindset coach can finesse situations with far greater ease.

For most people having mindset coaching today, that ongoing support, helping them to constantly, and consistently optimize based on changing situations is hugely beneficial in terms of their ability to consistently hit goals.

This is especially true for entrepreneurs and those in professional sports who find themselves pushing for higher levels of success, or expanding the realms of what’s possible. For serial entrepreneurs all manner of things can come up, with almost constant mindset change needed to adapt and bring the desired success through.

Unleashing Full Potential

Those who commit to themselves and mindset optimization, do end up unleashing their full potential when working with good mindset coaches.

There is a very strong correlation between congruence and success. When there is doubt, or lack of commitment, success becomes more and more elusive. However, when a person has high levels of focus and commitment, success comes in an ever easier way. While the mindset coach has a part to play, mostly to facilitate change in the way clients desire, it is the client who plays the most important role.

Mindset Coaches Do More Than Teach Clients They Help Them Build A Growth Mindset

Mindset coaches are essentially success catalysts for the clients they work with, with positive psychology playing a major role in the work of the mindset coach.

Mindset Coaching And The New Psychology Of Success Final Thoughts

Mindset coaches can make an incredible difference in the live of those they work with, mindset matters to everything, so by getting a mindset optimized for desired outcomes, dreams and goal achievement, success can flow with far greater ease.

Positive Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming Just Two Things Vital For A Skilled Mindset Coach

Using Positive Psychology And NLP Is Crucial For A Coach When Creating A Positive Mindset

The mindset coaching business has a lot of facets to it, and for anyone thinking of working with a mindset coach would be wise to check carefully what techniques will be used, and how well certified and experienced their potential coach is before becoming a client.

Mindset coaching can be exceptionally powerful when done properly. Just look at the way professional sports people and entrepreneurs achieve greater successes having had a good coach help them get their mindset on form for the results they desire.

Mindset Coaches Facilitate New Thinking That Brings Clients Results They’ve Dreamed Of

Working with good mindset coaches makes a massive difference in terms of possibilities. For people who know what they want, and are committed to achieving it, it is best to start coaching sooner rather than later, and work with the best mindset coach you can get.