Your Mindset Is The Hidden Power Behind Every Success You Dream Of

Mindset Tapping The Hidden Power Behind Every Success

Mindset is core to every result ever achieved.

Regardless of what success you wish to create, whether in:

  • Business
  • Career
  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Education

Or something else in life, your mindset is core to the results that you are capable of achieving.

There is an intricate weave of neurology that makes up the brain, and that is just on the physical level. When you dip underneath the physical into the realms of the mental and emotional, you have an ever more complex set of beliefs, values, and feelings that make up perception of reality, along with both what you wish to achieve and what is possible.

Whenever a person’s true potential is needing to be tapped, they will need to work with their mindset in order to gain the best results. Why?

Because mindset controls everything.

From breathing and heart rate, to how muscles are activated in order to move, through more complex mental strategies required for working out whether an investment is right, or how compatible a person is with a potential partner. How you communicate, how you retain and use knowledge, and so much more, is all governed by your mindset as well.

Understanding Your Mindset Controls Your Entire Life Is Just The Starting Point To Getting The Results You Desire

It is only by understanding mindset, and how mindset works, that any real change can be created in life. Once you understand what mindset is, the potential then arises that to achieve success a level of change will be required in order to align belief sets and values, so that success becomes possible. Knowing how to change your mindset to achieve specific results is a challenge for most people, hence why many get quality coaching to help them get the results they want faster.

If you are using a coach to create change, a simple understanding of mindset is beneficial. When you are wanting to create change and achieve without a coach, then deep understanding, and the ability to reflect on your thoughts and feelings in a detached way becomes critical to understanding your own mindset.

What Does Mindset Mean? The New Mindset Meaning

The social psychology fixed mindset and growth mindset concept started becoming widely accepted in February of 2006 when the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck was published. Previous ideas of positive and negative thinking along with other concepts became wrapped up neatly into two distinct mindset types that people could easily understand, and relate to.

In simple terms though, mindset is the collection of opinions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs, that make up how a person lives their life.

Mindset Psychology Definition

In psychological terms, mindset is the set of internal perceptions that govern what possibilities exist within a person’s true potential. How they deal with different situations, in terms of the range of possible responses, in terms of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Mindset is formed, shaped and altered by experience, learning, parents, teachers, friends and self reflection or meditation, among the infinite number of variables which exist in terms of sensory input and thought process.

Psychology Mindset Concept

In reality mindset is a psychological concept. There is realistically no scientifically measurable way of knowing what happens within the mind. Once a person’s brain is removed thought ceases, and while the neurological pathways are left, those pathways have an almost infinite variation in terms of how information travelling along them would have been processed and used.

The only way to understand what a person is thinking and feeling, is by communicating with them. This enables a model to be created of their thought processes, or mindset. Even the owner is highly unlikely to ever fully understand their own feelings, mindset, and capabilities, there is just too much information for it to be comprehended consciously.

It is also noting that under the overarching concept, a person will have a core, all encompassing mindset, along with mindsets for particular things.

Some Of The Mindset Types People Have:
  • Money Mindset
  • Relationship Mindset
  • Scarcity Mindset
  • Abundance Mindset
  • Positive Mindset
  • Negative Mindset
  • Victim Mindset
  • Protector Mindset
  • Poverty Mindset
  • Rich Mindset
  • Wealth Mindset
  • Losing Mindset
  • Winning Mindset

Plus a great many others. There are an infinite number of mindsets and variations within them, all due to the complexity of thinking and diversity of human endeavor and experience.

Focusing on positives, growth, and empowerment, is how great parents raise their children to get the best from life. When parents take an active hand in shaping their child’s mind from an early age, then their child can have a much easier, and much happier, experience throughout their life.

Mindset Reveals A Person's True Potential
Neuro Linguistic Programming And Information Flow

As a point on this, under the neuro linguistic programming concept of information processing, based on much research, a person generally has around 2,000,000 bits of information per second coming in through their senses. Consciously the mind can only handle around 134 bits of information, grouped as 7 chunks, plus or minus 2 based on various factors e.g. stress, motivation, etc.

Knowing that mindsets are based on a lifetime’s information gathering and processing, with diverse thoughts, beliefs and values, which are stored in a matrix of information with attribution as gestalts (sets of grouped things sharing attributes, i.e. white, the musical note C, sweet, cold, love, sadness, etc.) It becomes tangible that the sheer amount of what is held within the mind can never be fully known. What is possible is to hone in on what is important, which is what good coaches do. Understanding your own mind holds great challenge due to the emotional detachment needed. Too many people feel upset by things they could view as negative in terms of themselves, as such usually choose to alter the interpretation of patterns, or ignore them altogether, rather than confront something which could be uncomfortable, even if ignoring it means blocking them from achieving success in the way they desire.

As such, mindset is a psychological concept due to the complexities with proving its existence.

Mental Mindset Meaning

Mental mindset works purely with logical elements, removing feelings and emotions. As such, Mental mindset works with values, beliefs, thoughts and opinions.

People’s Mindset Individual, Cultural And Society

There are components of mindsets which come from various sources, while there are also shifts in how individual mindsets function within various group sizes.

A person shows their true self when they are alone, without input from others. The reality of their values and beliefs comes through in truest fashion.

In groups based on culture and society, people often shift their behavior and thinking, often to blend in with others. Their are outliers, those who are always themselves, and shun group harmony, or the need for approval. Many will shift behavior when shifting from one location to another. For example, someone who has grown up in the U.S. will change their behavior to an extent when visiting Japan or India, where there are different societal values, and a different culture.

In short, most people adapt their behavior and mindset based on their immediate environment.

Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset Two Core Types

The fixed and growth mindsets are concepts from the scientific research of American psychologist Carol Dweck, who is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University.

Dweck’s research led to the simple but groundbreaking idea she brought to people’s attention gives a simple overview that people can easily relate to, and work within, when considering certain aspects of how they live and behave. While the model does offer some advantages, it comes with a great deal of limitation based on preconceptions people develop about their potential. The reality is that anyone can create, do, achieve anything, provided they have the right help. When the mind is taken as a standalone thing, without external assistance as an option, the concept of fixed and growth mindsets does provide useful information for people to work with.

Mindset The New Psychology Of Success By Carol S. Dweck Worth Reading

Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset Opens The World Of Possibilities And Solutions
Those with a growth mindset seek improvement, they will change when they believe it creates benefit or advantage, and will adapt to new situations by choice. The growth mindset is one that seeks to be the best, having acknowledge that growth and learning are likely needed.
What Is A Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is characterized by the belief that all things can change. That intelligence, personality or character can all adapt, evolve and ideally improve.

If I Have A Growth Mindset What Does It Mean?

If you have a growth mindset it means there are certain aspects of life that you will deal well with, you have adaptability, self belief, embrace challenges, and will work to make the best of things. With the right motivation and assistance anything is possible for you, and you can thus achieve goals and dreams with a degree of ease, provided you do seek help when it is needed.

What can be a real challenge, is dealing with others who resist change, and working within environments where things are fixed, while you’re risk taking and embracing challenges to grow. When organizations have set procedures, which are inefficient, with far better options being possible, yet have zero desire to change, you will likely go crazy working for them. Likewise, being with a partner long term, who insists on a set routine, and has to have everything done a certain way, could drive you crazy.

Fixed Mindset

Fixed Mindset People Believe Life Is Carved In Stone And Nothing Ever Changes
Those with a fixed mindset resist change. They see themselves as being as good as they ever will be, as such find it challenging to progress with skills, or create change within. When change is required they will kick up, dig in, and do their best to stop that change from occurring, in short, fixed mindsets find change very uncomfortable.
What Is A Fixed Mindset?

A fixed mindset is characterized by the belief that things are immutable, or unchanging, that a person is born the way they are, basic abilities or innate abilities are set, and that’s all they can ever be. That intelligence, personality or character are fixed.

If I Have A Fixed Mindset What Does It Mean?
If you have a fixed mindset then you resist change, seeking stability, uniformity, and routine. Creating progression, or success, in anything, will be a challenge unless that something is fixed and never changes. Life can however be relatively easy for you, you tend to be happy or at least OK, with how things are, having little inclination to change them. Doing the same things on a daily or weekly basis, is something you are generally happy with. Relationships can also be very stable due to the desire for things to remain the same.

What Is A False Growth Mindset?

What Carol Dweck calls false growth mindset is when a person does not really have a growth mindset, or lack understanding of what it really means. The tend to hide deficiencies, rather than overcome and develop.

False Growth Mindset Reveals Limitations Over Time

Examples of this are when people say they deal with change well, though in reality they do not. That is those who claim to have a growth mindset, yet their words and behavior fail to match their claim. People who want to change others out of the belief that they are the problem, when in reality they would do best from changing themselves. If they are secretly worried about their intellectual skills or innate abilities, and whether their abilities can be developed. Also, praising effort over progress without actually empowering learning and improvement, or yielding assistance to improve outcomes. Things which have been mainly noted in the field of education and educational psychology.

There are as a result of this, and the broadly embraced concept of the growth mindset and fixed mindset, various clever research studies by some of the world’s leading researchers, that are ongoing in an effort to work out how the two mindsets, and derivations that come from them can be shaped to help students best. What was once thought to be carved in stone, has been shown to be more transient than expected. With more developmental psychology coming in to address differences between expectation and reality, while social psychology can broadly look right, it is in the details that differences that need addressing show up.

The reality is that even people with growth mindsets have boundaries, and certain things which for them are deal breakers in certain situations.

What Causes Self Esteem Issues?

Self esteem issues come from experience and learning, in short negative reinforcement due to environment.

Some of this can be external, coming from others words and behavior. Other parts can be internal, due to unhappiness over results experienced externally.

If a person is bullied, they can develop self esteem issues, if they lack counter thoughts or feedback which negates the message received from bullying. If a person continually experiences rejection when looking for a partner, it can affect their self esteem, unless they shrug off the rejections as being from people they would have been incompatible with in reality.

Even A Simple Belief About Basic Qualities In Life Can Shape The Right Mindset For Happiness

Constant negativity in a persons environment, regardless of the source, can trigger low self esteem too. Reading or watching the news can be damaging, creating very negative beliefs about society, which in reality comes from a very narrow band of focus. A lot of music can trigger issues with self worth too, actually listen the the lyrics of a lot of famous songs and you will start to understand this. Lots of music has negative beliefs being repeated over and over. When people listen to music they generally do so in an unfiltered state, often thinking “I like this song” without really thinking about what is being said. The effect is to permit the lyrics deeper access to interact with the mind, altering beliefs over time and with reinforcement. A lot of music can be very damaging to a person’s esteem.

How Does Self Esteem Affect Success?

Without good, healthy esteem, success becomes virtually impossible.

When a person has issues with their esteem, low self worth, then they have limiting beliefs. As soon as a person has limiting beliefs, they become unable to move beyond those beliefs, think glass ceiling, and will continually hit against that belief without understanding what is blocking them. While a person is either consciously or secretly worried about something holding them back, they will be unable to achieve 100% success.

In order to achieve success, it is essential to let go of limiting beliefs, develop healthy esteem, and install empowering beliefs that make success inevitable.

Success is a pure outcome of mindset, all that is needed for its achievement is to clear the path.

What Makes Achieving Success With Goals And Dreams Easy?

Success Of An All Consuming Goal Comes From Mindset, Self Improvement And Persistence

Developing a certain moral character, releasing negativity and limiting beliefs, focusing on the positive in a healthy realistic way, developing a positive environment that’s supportive of success, going through self improvement to establish the simple belief that you will succeed, all creates a tremendous influence that makes success inevitable. Cultivating a growth mindset, and getting help are incredibly beneficial too, success is far more challenging to achieve when you go it alone.

Environment profoundly affects success.

Think of the five people you spend most of your time with, and how they view what you do, and what they believe is possible. Changing for more supportive people could be wise, even if that means spending less time with family, or old friends. It depends on what’s most important to you. Being a member of a mastermind group, working with a good coach, these are things that massively amplify ability to achieve success.

How Self Improvement And Personal Development Impact Mindset

Regardless of whether you have a fixed or growth mindset, self improvement and personal development will influence your mindset and change what results are possible.

While coaches, mentors, and authors can all help bring about changes in thinking, the greatest change comes only when a person is willing to change. When someone is willing, change can be lightning fast. When they are resistant, that pace of change is usually greatly reduced, unless something very significant is involved.

Change occurs best when it is self motivated. With change coming as a result of pressure from friends, family, and others, resulting in reduced results, due to the change not really being wanted. Change does however still happen from personal development, to varying degrees, regardless of the cause for doing it.

Both Thinking And Abilities Can Be Developed

Little in life is immutable, or unchangeable.

Even long established beliefs about the Sun, Earth’s rotation, and black holes, have all been hit with information that broke previous beliefs and ushered in new ones.

People with fixed mindsets get into situations that cause them to rethink their life, and perception of reality.

Everything you experience on a moment by moment basis is shaping your mindset. It could be changing beliefs away from what they were, or reinforcing them, all due to how your mind is processing the information that comes in.

As a result, by directing your experiences, and feeding yourself a healthy dose of positive, engaging writing from a brilliant book on something which will expand your initial talents, you will find your abilities can be developed. Listening to podcasts, expert given talks, listening to other’s life stories, and more, can all create shifts in belief systems and thinking.

Your Experience Of Life Shapes Your Mindset So Look For A Healthy Dose Of Positive Things

One of the earlier mentioned points about information flow and processing concerned the fact that every second you receive around 2,000,000 bits of information through your various senses, which gets reduced down to around 134 bits of information per second arriving in your conscious mind via your neural networks. Your unconscious having filtered everything for importance. Even when you are sleeping your mind is processing information, you may be consciously unaware, though if there is a sudden sound, or something like the smell of smoke, you will become aware of it consciously, and wake up.

Constantly seeing high volumes of traffic, or certain repeated things in your environment, will lead to a shift in belief about the area, and other things.

This fact in mind, it is easy to note that even those with a fixed mindset can undergo psychological changes. Those with a growth mindset are just open to new challenges, learning opportunity, making changes, and new neural connections. Mindset change is however inevitable for all.

When this is embraced, even someone with fixed mindset can begin developing both their abilities and their thinking.

How Meditation Impacts Mindset And Belief Systems

During meditation we are left in a place of quiet with our thoughts. Depending on the type of meditation being done that is.

When practicing mindfulness the focus is on detachment, mindfulness being derived from the Soto school of Zen having removed the religious doctrine. When practicing mindfulness , you merely observe thoughts without interacting with them. This can be done in a focused meditation, or while going about life. We notice what we are thinking, though remain non-judgmental. Emotions can be released, and personal growth result from learning gained.

With Vipassana meditation you go deep within yourself, developing awareness of sensations, how your physical body feels, and with practice can concentrate in on areas within your body down to the cellular level. Again, this can lead to new insights about yourself, leading to shifts in lifestyle and thinking in order to lead a happier and healthier life.

Chakra meditation allows you to focus on the body’s energy system, according to Indian traditional medicine. Working primarily on the seven main chakras from root to crown. For someone experiencing relationship issues they may choose to focus mainly on their heart chakra, while an artist experiencing a block may focus on their sacral chakra. Whatever the focus, the meditation exercise gives an opportunity for new insights around the root cause of issues being experienced.

Calming The Mind Through Meditation And Mindfulness Influences Beliefs And Positive Mindset

All meditation can lead to mindset change when the practitioner is open to it, and even if the practitioner is resistant to change, they are still likely to change gradually. It becomes inevitable. What can start as a new hobby, can have a pivotal role in expanding comfort zone, enabling new skills to be learned and life become more enjoyable.

Group Courses And Their Effect On Results

Even in group personal development courses, or group coaching, fixed mindset students will experience change. Provided the groups and courses are led by someone highly skilled, and with sufficient authority.

Group activities have a vey major limitation though.

Everyone has their own mind, with their own values and beliefs. So while group activities can be good for learning certain skills, a new language, and developing certain abilities, they are less effective in releasing blocks holding people back from success.

To release limiting beliefs, sessions need to be carried out which probe the mind. Uncovering events and root causes. Then dealing with them in a detached manner. The fastest way to deal with stored up, old, negative emotions is with Time-Line Therapy, and it usually takes around 1 hour for a skilled practitioner to help someone remove a lifetime’s emotion. Then removing limiting beliefs requires additional time, on top of the judgment free mental exploration to find the limiting beliefs.

Group courses can be good for personal development, they are generally better than going it alone. Largely because there is an expert their leading the group, who can help direct, and is there for questions. Group sessions are more limited in terms of what they can achieve compared to one on one sessions, as only a certain amount of time can be spent with each person individually. Group sessions are generally cheaper than one one one sessions though.

What Mentoring And Coaching Achieve

Mentoring and coaching are widely noted for their ability to foster outstanding accomplishment, this is due to the personalized, one to one approach they have.

Whether someone has a fixed, false growth, growth, or what some define as a truer growth, one on one coaching brings results. Granted, there are resistant clients at times, who have fixed mindsets, even they do experience change with the right input though.

Among coaching techniques and skills, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been noted in various places as bringing the fastest changes possible.

With high quality, highly skilled coaching using upper tier Neuro Linguistic Programming skills, NLP Master Practitioner or higher, tremendous influence over a client’s ability to create mindset change and foster outstanding accomplishment is possible in very short periods of time. Often within the first hour of coaching or mentoring. What had been a consuming goal that was hard to achieve, can suddenly have the brakes removed when the mindset reveals simple limiting beliefs holding the person back. From their directed change can occur, and rapid achievement becomes almost inevitable.

Coaching and mentoring, especially when using Neuro Linguistic Programming, are the best ways of supercharging self improvement, and massively help empower people with the new psychology of success.

Supercharging Self Improvement To Foster Success More Effectively

All success, regardless of the type of goal, is dependent on mindset. People with either a growth mindset or a fixed mindset, can have limiting beliefs that hold them back. Many people waste time proving they can do things on their own, and without needing help from others, the fact is that few ever do. Partly because success comes easier with help from others, partly because success is dramatically influenced by mindset, with a person’s values and beliefs have the greatest impact on what is possible. Without awareness of what limiting beliefs you have, or how to remove them and change them for beliefs that will empower you, achieving success will bring many challenging times.

Tapping The New Psychology Of Success Efficiently

Getting the best of the new psychology of success comes from understanding that whether you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset, the most beneficial, and fastest achievement of success, comes from being open to change. Without being open to change, little will happen. It is only once change is embraced that getting those transformative insights that bring about outstanding accomplishment, and from there actually achieving success, can occur.

The broadly embraced concept of having either a growth mindset or a fixed mindset, was a simple but groundbreaking idea, which has helped many people. Yet it is only by going deeper into the limiting beliefs that hold a person back, that anyone, regardless of their mindset type, can be truly helped.

Essentially this means going through effective personal development, and having a self growth mindset that permits changes which enable success.

While a lot of personal development can be done solo, it can be a very long and exhausting process, with minimal results. Much personal development work necessitates emotional detachment in order for results to be achieved. Viewing something you have done as right or wrong, good or bad, often creates conflict which limits the ability to create psychological shifts that bring success.

Because of this, the situation calls for practical advice and directed change from a good coach, in order for the most effective success to be achieved.

How Coaching Shapes The Right Mindset For Success

Coaching can shape and effectively refocus all manner of human qualities, thus making all types of human endeavor more successful as a result. This is independent of whether the person being coached has a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.

Really good coaches have a certain moral character, and a certain personality, that in line with the developmental psychology they use in helping clients, means that both growth mindsets and fixed mindsets can achieve quality results.

The Right Mindset Reveals Transformative Insights That Help Bring Success Easily

Often as a result of good coaching, a person with a fixed mindset will find themselves shifting into having a growth mindset, as they expand into new possibilities, and embrace more empowering ways of thinking. Remember, nothing is ever fixed, it is just a question of what is needed to overcome the inertia that precipitates change.

Good coaching, that is mindset coaching, and especially NLP coaching, focuses on changing belief structures. The most basic characteristics which affect a person’s ability to succeed in anything, are their values and beliefs.

For those involved in running a business, unless ‘money’ is in their top 3 values, they will be unlikely to be profitable in business. Even if it is in their top 3, if they have negative beliefs about money, essentially and unhealthy money mindset, then they will have challenges actually making and keeping hold of any profits.

For those wanting a good relationship, values such as ‘love’, ‘loyalty’, ‘communication’, and various others are in their top 10 relationship values, then they will have issues. Even if they do, if they have esteem issues, low self worth, then attracting a good partner can be impossible.

Values and beliefs are the deepest elements of mindset, what comes from them are the person’s capabilities. Those capabilities exert tremendous influence on what outcomes are possible, whatever the values and beliefs are. So to have those various capabilities exert tremendous influence in the direction that will bring the success that’s desired, it is essential to have all values and beliefs within your mindset properly aligned with the outcome, or goal, which is desired.

Whatever is desired in terms of success, can only be achieved by having the right mindset. Coaching, in a one on one capacity, is how mindset is best shaped in order for the right mindset to be attained. Once it has, success inevitably falls into place, often faster than expected.

The knowledge of this is how great parents raise successful children. How great bosses develop winning businesses through empowering their staff. Plus how entrepreneurs and others empower themselves to achieve the results they desire from life.

Good coaching is how the mindset is shaped to unlock success.

This is true whether you are having:

Unless you have the right mindset, achieving 100% success, will be impossible, and as the percentage of alignment drops off, the level of challenge increases dramatically.

Building Lifelong Resilience So You Can Overcome Challenging Times

Having a growth mindset, or even what some refer to as a truer growth mindset, is highly beneficial when building resilience. A fixed mindset, and what Carol Dweck calls false growth mindset, increases the level of challenge a person experiences, and greatly reduces their resilience.

Ensuring You Have The Proper Motivation And Inspiration To Achieve Your Goals

Ability to achieve success with any goal is dramatically influenced by the core motivation, or inspiration, that drives a person towards any consuming goal that they have.

When a person is doing something because they dislike the alternative, or when they have an away from motivation, e.g. “I hate poverty”, then they will have an uphill struggle to achieve their goal. Away from motivation can take a person in infinite different directions, many of them being different from the goal given.

When a person has a toward motivation, a fixed point of destination, and a laser like focus on that, things happen easily. An example which is very visible is Elon Musk and his goal to get to Mars, very much an all consuming goal, which has taken massive energy to bring into the realms of possibility, let alone bring within grasp. His motivation has never been to get away from Earth, it has always been laser focused on actually getting to Mars. As such, all energy applied has moved things in the defined direction.

Releasing negative motivations, away from motivation, and being based purely in the positive in terms of how you see, frame, and pursue your goals and dreams will make them far easier to achieve. Creating the mindset for this to be workable requires release of limiting decisions, limiting beliefs, old negative emotion, and the establishment of empowering belief structures that make aligning energy easy. In doing this, the mindset comes into a place of improved resilience, because any setbacks, or bumps in the road, can be seen as temporary more easily. Challenges have little impact on direction, just the rate with which success is achieved.

Mindset And Proper Motivation Help Overcome Challenge When Achieving A Person's True Potential

Mindfulness, Meditation And Basic Qualities That Help Bring Stability

Keeping a positive mindset while pursuing a goal or dream is easier when there is emotional stability, and when stress is at a minimum, ideally zero stress.

It is rare for life to be stress free though, and things happen which bring anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and potentially guilt. Being able to deal with these things effectively, helps you stay on track, with your mindset in best shape for where and how you wish to be.

Outstanding Accomplishment Comes From Non-Judgmental Self Improvement

Mindfulness, as mentioned earlier, is very good for helping a person get non-judgmental feedback they can use to adjust, and move forward in a more stable, empowered way. It can at times bring up awareness of a deep seated trait that you were unaware was limiting your happiness and progress in life. When practiced on a daily basis, Mindfulness can bring incredible transformative insights that could make you the envy of the world’s leading researchers for the breakthroughs you make with yourself.

Mediation has the effect of helping bring emotional stability, along with focus, improved memory, and much more. It is worth checking the various benefits of meditation, a lot of clever research studies have been coming out over the years, most of which reinforce how good it is as a practice. When done regularly, meditation is an outstanding way of building lifelong resilience, for pretty much every situation possible. Business people, world leaders, first responders, sports people, and so many others draw massive benefit from meditating.

Other basic qualities which help keep the mindset healthy include:

  • Patience
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Calmness
  • Flexibility
  • Openness

Persistence can be good, to waste time proving you are right when there are better ways can be very restrictive on progress. Be persistent yes, while also being open to different ideas, solutions and options.

Mindset is comprised of values, beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and perceptions of experiences. None of these things are physically fixed, they can all change in the blink of an eye. Mindset as a result was never meant to be a fixed thing. Mindset is an organic, living tool, that is there to help you achieve your dreams in life, and help create the best experience possible. As such, mindset can be optimized with relative ease, to achieve any goal or dream, provided the right techniques are used.