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NLP coach, your fast track to personal change and transformation.

Getting coaching from a certified NLP master practitioner coach has you tapping into power far greater than most other coaches can ever bring. All due to that deeper ability your neuro linguistic programming, NLP, trained coach has when it comes to helping you get the best from your mind.

When you are set on getting those best possible results. When you’re truly committed to success, having your goals and dreams come true in the fullest way possible.

Then having a highly skilled, top NLP trained coach is the way to go.

Getting NLP Coaching Helps You Master You Mind And Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence, So You Can Get The Masterful Results You Want.

Getting NLP Coaching Helps You Master Your Mind And Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence, So You Can Get The Masterful Results You Want.

Understanding Why Having A Top NLP Coach Is In Your Own Best Interests

Having Top NLP Coach Is In Your Best Interest

For anyone who’s never experienced NLP, or NLP coaching, understanding why having a top NLP Master Practitioner certified coach rather than just a normal coach, can be challenging. Whether you’re seeking a life coach, business coach, executive coach, relationship coach, or something else, you want those best results possible.

When you get coaching you’re making an investment in yourself, how you wish to be, and the results you want in this life.

So having that coach who can help you achieve the best results is a very natural desire.

So here’s why ensuring you get yourself a top NLP Master Practitioner certified coach, is one of the best things you can do to empower yourself. Get that understanding you need, and decide based on your experience whether a certified NLP practitioner would be the best coach to help you.

What Is An NLP Coach?

So, what is an NLP coach? In short, they are a coach who has certified in neuro linguistic programming, NLP.

There are four levels of certification when it comes to neuro linguistic programming:

  1. NLP Practitioner: The NLP practitioner level is very basic, with some simple techniques for helping people achieve life change, and mindset change, through neuro linguistic programming.
  2. NLP Master Practitioner: NLP master practitioner opens up a wealth of very powerful techniques for mindset change, it’s a quantum leap from practitioner, with conversational change being a defining point.
  3. NLP Trainer: NLP trainer is the first of the neuro linguistic programming trainer levels, they know the same techniques as master practitioners, but are certified to conduct NLP certification training themselves. This level of NLP certification training can only be done by a Master Trainer.
  4. NLP Master Trainer: At NLP master trainer the whole set of NLP techniques is known well enough that an entire training manual can be created from scratch without any reference materials. Few trainers certify to this level.

So realistically there a two defining sets of people who do NLP coaching. Those certified as NLP practitioner. Those certified as NLP master practitioner or above. Because from NLP master practitioner and up, those certified all know the same set of NLP techniques.

At Online Coaching Coach every coach is certified as NLP master practitioner as a minimum.

Your NLP Coach Helping You Navigate Your Way To Success

As such, when getting an NLP certified practitioner coach, they will be empowering you through your coaching sessions with the most powerful NLP techniques possible. Thus, your coach will be helping you in the deepest way possible, in every session of coaching, for the greatest results possible.

An NLP certified practitioner coach will help you navigate through limiting beliefs, blockages, inefficient strategies, basically all manner of things which hold you back from achieving whatever results you desire. All while helping you develop greater emotional intelligence, that will have you rising above stress and the various challenges life throws your way.

NLP Training How Challenging Is It? Are The Levels Really That Different?

NLP training can be very challenging, especially when you go to one of the best training classes. Realistically, NLP training is only worth doing, when you are doing it with the best. Organizations such as the Performance Partnership in London, with Master Trainer David Shephard, one of the few trainers to achieve Master Trainer certification, are a great example of the best of what is possible when doing neuro linguistic programming training. If you’re considering becoming a certified practitioner yourself, David Shephard is one of the best to learn NLP from, and he does provide global NLP training opportunities.

When it comes to NLP Practitioner training and NLP Master Practitioner training, there are some very big differences between the levels. Many NLP trainers refer to a quantum leap between levels. While for most people, doing NLP Practitioner training creates a huge mindset shift, with the world never looking the same again after that first foray into actually learning and becoming a certified NLP practitioner. The Master Practitioner level is almost like you never studied anything about mindset change and personal development previously.

What Can You Expect From Someone Who Completed NLP Practitioner Training?

NLP Practitioner training usually lasts for seven full days. Depending on the NLP training organization used, this can be from 8:00a.m. to 7:00p.m. for the full seven days. Prior to attending there is always pre-study which must be completed, around 70 hours worth for some NLP training courses. With good training organizations insisting that students achieve 100% on the pre-study test in order to attend the training.

During the training itself, all neuro linguistic programming techniques are thoroughly learned and practiced with other course members. Trainees must achieve 100% on every test in order to progress and gain NLP Practitioner certification.

Core Competencies And Techniques that NLP Practitioner training students can use with coaching and therapy clients include:
  • SWISH Patterns
  • Anchoring
  • How to elicit buying strategy
  • Parts integration

Along with various other things including how representational systems work, how to discover how people prefer to share and receive information according to their representational system. How to build rapport on an unconscious level.

Additional Techniques Included In Some NLP Practitioner Training Courses

Some NLP Practitioner training courses include additional techniques so that their students can achieve even better results, and work more flexibly, with their clients.

Hypnotherapy and Time-Lime Therapy are two such courses which certain NLP training organizations include.

Hypnotherapy is widely known in terms of what is possible with it. As a technique it can help the hypnotherapist delve deeper within the unconscious mind of the client, helping them to to deeper work with their NLP skills.

Time-Line Therapy is a technique for releasing negative emotions, limiting decisions and setting goals in a more effective, more achievable way. Time-Line Therapy has very specific language patterns, and even after training practitioners will continue using the scripts due to the sensitive nature of the language patterns involved.

What Comes From A Coach Or Therapist Graduated From NLP Master Practitioner Training

NLP Master Practitioner training lasts for around 14 days, again each day starts around 8:00a.m. and finishes around 7:00p.m., with usually one day off mid course. The learning is very intense, so by the midpoint of the course the trainees really do need a rest.

Again, there is a component of required pre-study for good courses, this takes around 50 hours and a 100% mark on the pre-study test is essential to meet course requirements.

As with NLP Practitioner training, every technique must be carefully studied, practiced and then assessed as being 100% able to use correctly in order to pass for psychological safety reasons. NLP Master Practitioner training is far more intense than the Practitioner level, and working in high gear constantly takes very high energy, though the results possible with the NLP tools learned are incredible when you are able to do everything 100% right.

Core Competencies And Techniques that NLP Master Practitioner training students can use with coaching and therapy clients include:
  • Meta Model III
  • Sleight of mouth
  • Values elicitation and change
  • Prime concerns
  • The language of time
  • Time release suggestions
  • Conversational belief change

There is a lot more learned within the two week training, in summary it is enough to create massive change within a person’s life within one hour or less depending on the issue.

As a result this places those who have been to a quality training organization and graduated from NLP Master Practitioner training in an amazing position to create empowerment with coaching and therapy clients. Plus they have reached a level of emotional intelligence that enables them to coach in ever more empowering ways.

Additional Techniques Included In Some NLP Practitioner Training Courses

Hypnosis and Time-Line Therapy are often included by good training organizations as modules within the NLP Master Practitioner training courses. Though they are of higher level skills that the sections taught at NLP Practitioner level.

One thing very notable for any coach who is a certified NLP practitioner, and has successfully completed Time-Line Therapy training is that they have a very high level of emotional intelligence. In part because of the NLP training itself, and also because the Time-Line Therapy clears out old emotions, enabling them to deal with life and various situations in far better ways, generally being far calmer.

Having strong coaching skills from NLP training is incredibly valuable for coaching clients, having a coach with those skills and a high level of emotional intelligence is even more empowering.

What Kind Of Coach Training Does My NLP Trained Coach Need?

The level of NLP training your coach needs is very much dependent on the result you want.

If you have a low level issue, and are happy to take a while to sort it out, then an NLP Practitioner level coach would be fine.

When you have something deeper or more serious, and/or want it sorted our quickly, then an NLP Master Practitioner level coach would be best for you.

What Type Of Personal Empowerment Can I Get From A Coach With NLP Training?

You can get a diverse array of personal empowerment from working with a coach that has a high level of advanced NLP training.

Advanced NLP Training Empowers Your Coach With Life Changing Coaching Skills

Stephen Frost Coaching

The more advanced their NLP training, the more they can do to help and empower you. Equally well, once a coach has been well trained, and has built up a good amount of NLP coaching experience, they can provide even greater levels of service. In part the level of help you can get will depend on your budget.

With better trained, more experienced NLP coaches charging a greater premium for their services, which can be very worthwhile due to the speed and degree to which they can induce results. Their sensory acuity is usually higher as a result of so much practice, and self mastery, enabling them to instinctively know exactly how to bring about the most effective results for you.

What Level Of NLP Training Course Creates The Best Coach?

When you are looking for the best coach, then ensure the NLP training course they graduated from was NLP Master Practitioner as a minimum.

Yes, an NLP Practitioner level coach could help you, they will be far less effective than someone with a higher level of NLP training though.

NLP Master Practitioner trained coaches also have use of NLP techniques that facilitate better coaching skills too. The ability to use conversational change, and work through tools like Meta Model III, sleight of mouth and core change things like values elicitation and change, make NLP Master Practitioners hugely powerful to work with as coaches.

Online NLP Training An Important Note

One other recommendation is to use a coach who has been to a live NLP training course, rather than someone with online NLP training. If they have only done an online course be wary.

While the teachers can teach most aspects of neuro linguistic programming online relatively easily, the issue is that for students learning NLP it’s better to be in a live environment so they can work with full sensory acuity while in training. NLP trainers can also monitor students during practice sessions better during live training too, enabling better feedback and improvement of skills inline with cultivating excellence for those receiving NLP training. This is true for all levels of NLP practitioners. So find a coach who has used a training organization that provides high quality global NLP training for the best results.

What Type Of Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach Should I Use?

Good quality NLP training means that any neuro linguistic programming trained coach can help you. Though there can be a few differences when it comes to specific types of coaching. Life coaching can be handled by most neuro linguistic programming trained coaches, because the core NLP training covers the diverse range of things that happen in life, and how to create positive outcomes for those with issues. Though while life coaching can be handled by almost any coach wit good NLP training, specializations like NLP business coaching and NLP executive coaching can require very specific knowledge.

Any Coach With Good NLP Training Can Help

From a core perspective, any NLP Master Practitioner can help you orientate your mindset and ability to be and do, such that you achieve success. What can be useful are coaches with understanding of marketing, project management, and other specialist areas. Good NLP training does cover off communication skills, team building, positive psychology, human behavior and more. With the opportunity for catalyzing serious personal growth and professional growth by extension.

Stephen Frost Founder Of Surging Life And Online Coaching Coach

NLP Life Coach

NLP Life Coach Making Life Better

Life coach training pales greatly in comparison to training in neuro linguistic programming. Life coaching training covers things on a relatively surface level, with often generalized ways of looking and dealing with issues. Standard life coach training also lacks the resources to bring about deep lasting change, within a short period of time.

In contrast advanced training in neuro linguistic programming gives understanding that every situation is different, and enables coaches to deal with issues at their root cause. Some life coaches will disagree with this, though most life coaches have begun either looking at gaining at least a Practitioner level NLP certificate, or doing more advanced training. The fact that life coaches are swinging around, shows the incredible value possible when coaches do implement NLP within their sessions.

Benefits For Life Coaching From Having A Coach With NLP Training

Commonly, many issues in life come back to limiting beliefs, limiting decisions and core values which are out of alignment with the desired result. Very few life coach training programs cover this, however, a certified NLP practitioner who’s graduated from the NLP Master Practitioner level does know how to deal with these issues. Quickly.

Having a coach with a high level of NLP training, who also works with Time-Line Therapy, is very empowering for your emotional intelligence. Releasing negative emotions, making sense of old limiting decisions, and being able to transcend those things, brings a huge amount of power to those receiving coaching in this way.

Life coaching can be a very drawn out process using the standard life coach training that many doing life coaching have had. There are of course coaches without life coach training, who have just decided they wish to be a life coach without any real background. Such coaches can take a long time to bring any meaningful breakthroughs, which is far from helpful.

A Good Life Coach With High Level NLP Training Greatly Empowers Emotional Intelligence

By contrast when a life coach with NLP training is doing life coaching, clients often find they have big breakthroughs early on, often in their first hour of life coaching. Subsequent life coaching sessions bring further life change, ever increasing emotional intelligence which empowers them to live life more happily, and get far closer to their goals and dreams than ever before. When a life coach has advanced, Master Practitioner level or higher, NLP training, clients generally need between 4 and 8 sessions of life coaching, depending on the depth of the issues they have, and the goals they wish to achieve with their life coach.

NLP Therapy Done Within Sessions Of Life Coaching Cleanses Out Past Challenges

NLP therapy done by a good life coach can cleanse away years of strife and abuse. Taking clients back to a raw state in hours of quality life coaching, from where they can rebuild in the way they wish, to be the person they wish to be. Achieving a high level of personal empowerment as a result. Working with a certified NLP life coach can bring incredible personal growth and happiness that has not been experienced previously.

NLP Business Coach

NLP Business Coach Developing Entrepreneurial Success

Mindset is more crucial for business success than most people realize.

On an unconscious level, many business owners and entrepreneurs self-sabotage. Though they are usually completely unaware of doing so.

Limiting Beliefs And Misaligned Values Massively Hold Back Business Success

The issue resides deep inside their unconscious mind, in the form of limiting decisions, and limiting beliefs. Often formed many years previously, though often reinforced by results experienced while they have been doing business. Often this leads business owners and entrepreneurs to go off on training course after training course, learning more techniques, and picking up different ideas for what to do with their business.

Without addressing the issues of limiting decisions and limiting beliefs, those training courses will have less impact on profitability and business growth than they could.

Benefits For Business Coaching From Having A Coach With NLP Training

Businesses rely on innovation in order to out pace their competitors. With coaching that uses advanced level NLP training , NLP practitioners can elicit strategies and better ways of working from the business owners and entrepreneurs that they work with.

While businesses that have innovative products can maintain a subtle edge, it is businesses with innovative thinking which really dominate their fields, and innovative thinking can only come about through having fresh thinking, and different perspectives. Through releasing old limitations, and old beliefs around what works, and how things are.

Innovative Thinking Through Specialist Coaching

Coaching delivered by coaches with Master Practitioner level NLP training cultivates mindset change on a level that brings very different possibilities. Entrepreneurs and business owners take on very new ways of thinking, finding better ways of working, new methods of delivery, improved sales methodologies, plus fresh product ideas, all coming with ease as a result of having coaching using the techniques from NLP developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

On top of this, as limiting decisions and limiting beliefs disappear, all training done previously, be it marketing training, sales training, and other techniques development, all move to higher levels of possibility in terms of results. All because the mindset of the person working with them is driving forward from a level unhindered, and properly aligned with the success sought.

NLP Executive Coach

NLP Executive Coach Elevating Leadership Success

For executives and C-level board members, communication, leadership and mindset is everything. At this level your mind must be in peak performance, on a daily basis. The whole company is looking at you as the example they work to. So when your mindset, your leadership or your communication is off, then efficiency of the entire organization falters.

Executive coaching skills are very much the whetstone by which upper management and organizational leadership are honed. Something which is far easier, and go go beyond more mentorship type effects, when Master Practitioner level NLP training is in play.

Changing What Is Possible For The Enterprise Overall
Everyone has their limitations, and concerns about what is possible. Though at C-level and executive level, such limitations in thinking can stop an enterprise dead in the water. This is where further application of the work by Richard Bandler and John Grinder comes into action. Beyond the mindset change to bring fresh thinking, leadership can be revitalized, with new approaches that bring about stronger rapport within the organization as a whole. Precipitating a ripple effect that yields greater efficiencies and a stronger more effective work culture to manifest.

Though executive coaching that comes with the backing of NLP training goes further than this, as the coach concerned can share and help develop fresh communication techniques, which make negotiations easier, and more successful for those using them.

Benefits For Executive Coaching From Having A Coach With NLP Training

Going beyond the standard executive coach certification and using an executive coach with NLP training to Master Practitioner level opens the way for clearing out mindset issues with values and limiting beliefs that hold leaders back. This in itself is a huge benefit, though another great benefit comes in the form of new skills that can be accessed.

The methods of NLP as developed by Richard Bandler on John Grinder bring in communication options that make leaders far more effective in negotiations, and day to day operations.

Communication, especially of ideas, and then negotiating with stakeholders around implementation, is vital to the role of any executive seeking to improve success levels. Having access to communication strategies which bring about desired result more easily, is therefore creating a massive opportunity for the executives that choose to seize it.

NLP training also enables coaches to help executives reduce stress levels more effectively, while finding better ways of working, which improve the work life balance. In turn this leads to higher productivity, which is another deep benefit for using NLP coaching.

Put simply, an executive coach with Master Practitioner level NLP training, can provide far more value and benefit, both to executives and their organizations, than many ex-executives with a coach certification. Unless that coach certification specifically includes specialist NLP training.

Does My Coach Need International Coaching Federation Accreditation?

While some coaches do go down the route of International Coaching Federation accreditation, or coach certification, it is far from necessary. When coaches have have high level training in neuro linguistic programming from a good training organization, with proven history, then things like coach certification from the International Coaching Federation become fairly redundant. High quality training in neuro linguistic programming is far more valuable.

For people unconcerned about having a coach with NLP training, then an ICF certified coach can be good. The ICF does have a background in coach training, coach certification, and their structure means you can work out how much coaching experience a coach has.

As a note, an associate certified coach only requires 60+ hours of coaching education and 100+ hours of coaching experience, in order to gain that coach certification. So think carefully about what level of coaching skills and experience are going to be important for you.

NLP Training Brings Better Results

When you are searching for life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, then using a coach with advanced NLP backed coach training will usually get you a better result. Depending on how well you get on with that coach, and how adept they are. Which is why having a free initial consultation is always wise, it enable you to assess the suitability of their coach training and ability for you.

NLP Coach Near Me?

Wondering whether there’s a “NLP Coach Near Me?”

If so why? It is easy for you to get coaching sessions from a top NLP Master Practitioner certified coach wherever you are, pretty much whenever you want them. Because with online coaching your coach joins you online, via Zoom or Skype, you can be at home, in your office, or wherever. And still achieve that life change, business growth, relationship shift, or other personal coaching goal you are seeking to achieve. With ease.

Rather than just finding whatever NLP coach is near you, you can be joined wherever is comfortable for you by one of the best NLP coaches worldwide. Would you rather have someone local, whose coaching practice you need to go to? Or have the most highly skilled coach with high level NLP training delivering your coaching sessions in the place most comfortable for you, at the time which is best for you?

NLP Coach Near Me? NLP Coach Online Right With You

Getting The Best Coach Possible Without Leaving Your Home Or Office

Having an international coach with the right NLP training has been shown to bring about better results than using 98% of coaches with a coach certification or Master’s degree found locally. When coaches have the best coaching tools, and even if they are doing their sessions online, they can achieve far better results with their clients. With the right coaching tools, months, or years in certain cases, can be shaved off coaching program length.

Online coaching makes it easy for you to have that top NLP Master Practitioner certified coach coaching you, wherever you are, whenever you desire.

Technology has made it so we can reach half way around the world, yet still have it seem like that person we’re talking with is in the room with us.

NLP Coaching Delivered Online Means You Can Get Coaching Regardless Of What Else Is Happening

Because of our set up at OCC, every coach working with us was able to continue on with their coaching clients throughout various lockdowns and restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. All because rather than searching for that “NLP coach near me”, then having to go to their coaching practice for their NLP coaching sessions. They just connected from home, and their coach was right with them, in total comfort.

All of which means that regardless of what may happen with movement restrictions, you can still get that help you need with achieving your goals, while also having outstanding mental and emotional support, free from any need to move or travel.

The benefits of online coaching truly are incredible. Especially when your coaching is delivered by a top coach NLP with high level NLP training.

Get In Contact And Book Your Free Initial Online NLP Coaching Session Now

How Do Coaching Sessions Work With Your NLP Certified Coach?

Online coaching sessions with your NLP Master Practitioner certified coach are delivered to fit your goals, in terms of time as well as priorities. All delivered via video call, to your schedule, wherever you are.

Every session with your NLP trained coach has you delving into those deepest issues that held you back from achieving your goals. Your coach works with their full range of NLP techniques, going into the root causes of challenges. Finding limiting beliefs, values sets which are out of alignment with how you wish to be.

What Is NLP In Coaching

As your coach probes, observes, listens, then feeds back to you with conversational change. They are bringing you opportunity for growth and advancement far beyond that most experience from sessions with non-NLP certified coaches.

Hence why NLP coaching has become so widely recognized as offering incredible results.

Though that knowledge of how neuro linguistic programming offers the fastest route to personal change, then raises questions as to why so few coaches become NLP coaches.

Richard Bandler And John Grinder Developing NLP And Empowering People

When Richard Bandler and John Grinder developed NLP, they did it with the goal of creating empowerment, with methods that enabled rapid yet lasting results. That’s exactly what using coaching backed by NLP training delivers, online and offline, provided you are working with a top quality coach. The need for having lifetime access to a program so you can keep on form has become redundant. Good NLP coaches bring long lasting change, with the vast majority of clients achieving goals in periods of months that they previously believed would take years, or perhaps never achieve. So needing lifetime access really is a thing of the past. Unless you are seeking ongoing mindset change and personal empowerment, though most people rarely have need for such high level coaching beyond one year.

Whether your coaching sessions are one hour long, two hours, or more. Once a month, once a fortnight, weekly, or something else, clients make breakthroughs, solid breakthroughs, every single session when working with coaches that have advanced level NLP training.

Most NLP coaches tailor coaching sessions to your schedule. With online coaching meaning you connect with your coach in a place of convenience for you, gaining solid breakthroughs coming every single session. So you get that incredible life change, business growth, relationship improvement, or whatever result you are seeking, flowing with each session.

Free Initial NLP Coaching Session With A Top NLP Coach

Get A Coach That Helps You Master You Mind.

Release The Pain And Get The Magical Results You Wish For.

Get a free initial session with a top NLP trained coach.

If working with a skilled coach with high level NLP training, following the NLP model for coaching and therapy, using conversational change paradigms pioneered by Milton Erickson and Richard Bandler, and boosting your up with positive psychology, from an online program developed by a quality coaching business sounds good for you, then book a free discovery call.

Get A Good NLP Master Practitioner To Coach You At A Time That’s Good For You

Just check the online schedule for a time which is best for you, then make the reservation. From there one of our top NLP coaches will be in contact giving you the connection details, usually Zoom, so that you can effortlessly connect for your NLP coaching session.

Once you have discovered how powerful, how incredibly beneficial, having a top NLP coach is for you, you’ll be wishing you had started along this path far sooner.

Start getting your mind, your life, your business, working as you dream it would, with incredible speed thanks to a top NLP Master Practitioner certified coach from Online Coaching Coach.