Online Coaching Coach Terms of Service

Online-Coaching.Coach provides coaching services to help people achieve more from their lives.

1)Responsibility for Results.

While Online-Coaching.Coach does its best to help users achieve the goals and results they desire, the sole responsibility for results is always with the client.

There are distinct reasons for this. Primarily that all coaching sessions work on on the mindset of the client, and it is only through change within the mindset of the client that breakthroughs can be achieved.

If the client refuses to adapt and release old thoughts, behaviors, values and other things which their coach deems to be holding them back from achieving the results they desire. Then the client is holding themselves back from gaining results. Thus the responsibility for results is always 100% with the client.

The coach undertakes to help the client to the best of their ability, through the use of coaching techniques. If the client resists, the coach will do their best to coach them through the resistance. However, resistance to change when it exists is the choice of the person resisting the change. So if a client is resisting change then it is their choice, and they must accordingly accept full responsibility for all challenges, discomfort and limitation in results they experience as a result.

2)Abusive Behavior

Contact with coaches is to be kept on a pleasant and professional level at all times.

Online-Coaching.Coach coaches are there to help clients achieve their goals and desires. They work diligently to help dreams come true.

As such, the use of profanity, abusive content, bullying, and all other negative or harmful, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature, and including but not limited to threats whether direct or in-direct, will put the offending party in breach of these terms of service.

For soft infractions, judged at the discretion of Online-Coaching.Coach senior management, warnings may be issued.

The first warning being verbal, or via email, from the coach depending on the method of receipt of the infraction.

The second infraction will be via email from Online-Coaching.Coach senior management.

The third and final warning will be via email from Online-Coaching.Coach senior management.

If breaching behavior continues after three warnings then the client will be dismissed immediately and will forfit any remaining sessions they have paid for.

Likewise, if clients have concerns regarding the behavior of their coach they are to raise them with Online-Coaching.Coach staff immediately. Thus creating an opportunity for effective resolution.

Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated, from either coach or coachee.

3)Contact with Coaches

Contact with coaches is to be kept to coaching related content at all times.

For those seeking a best friend or life partner we recommend seeking one elsewhere.

Online-Coaching.Coach is here to provide a professional service that helps clients achieve the results they wish for in their life through changes in their mindset.

The initiation of intimate relationships causes a shift in the coach and coachee dynamic, which hinders results due to changes in rapport and how coachees relate to their coach.

Online-Coaching.Coach does accept that on rare occasions relationships between coaches and coachees do develop. However, any alteration in the status of relationships between coach and coachee must be notified to Online-Coaching.Coach via email. And both coach and coachee must accept that the management of Online-Coaching.Coach may reassign the coachee to a new coach in order to preserve the opportunity for achieving the best results for the coachee.

4)Scheduling of Coaching Sessions

All scheduling is to be completed via management staff of Online-Coaching.Coach in advance.

At the commencement of coaching programs the initial schedule is to be agreed and set prior to payment being made. Once payment has been made the schedule is binding.

All re-scheduling and cancellations are to be completed via the management of Online-Coaching.Coach in all cases. The management will organize scheduling changes.

The coachee accepts that while they have a certain schedule, their coach also has their own schedule. Accordingly, once set, if re-scheduling is requested the coachee accepts that their choices over re-scheduled times may be restricted or impossible depending on the schedule of the coach.

Also, depending on the amount of notice prior to changes in schedule, or cancellation, the following fees will be due.

For cancellations on the day: the coachee forfeits the full session cost.
For cancellations made between 1 and 3 days ahead of schedule: the coachee forfeits 50% of the session cost.
For cancellations made between 4 and 7 days ahead of schedule: the coachee forfeits 25% of the session cost.
For cancellations made more than 7 days ahead of schedule: the coachee forfeits the 0% of the session cost.

In addition, the coachee undertakes to confirm a re-scheduled coaching session date and time within 48 hours of any cancellation.

Online-Coaching.Coach accepts that in extenuating circumstances, such as but not limited to life threatening situations like automotive accidents, notification of cancellation may be impossible. The coachee undertakes to notify the management of Online-Coaching.Coach of all such incidents that impact on their coaching schedule as soon as is humanly possible. The management of Online-Coaching.Coach also acknowledges that in certain cases the above listed fees for cancellation may be waived due to the situation that has transpired, the coachee accepts that any waiver is entirely at the discreation of the management of Online-Coaching.Coach and non-negotiable.

5)Method of Conducting Online Coaching Sessions

The principle method of contact for all Online-Coaching.Coach coaching sessions is via Skype.

Scheduling is to be completed a minimum of 48 hours in advance of coaching sessions. Although at the discreation of Online-Coaching.Coach management, coaching sessions may be arranged at shorter notice, in case of emergency or in other situations, again dependent on the discretion of the management of Online-Coaching.Coach.

Skype has been chosen due to platform reliability and ease of access. While also allowing separation and privacy for both coachee and coach.

The management of Online-Coaching.Coach urges coachees to create a Skype account, which is currently free, if they do not currently have one.

In very rare circumstances, should coachees have very strong negative feelings about the use of Skype, the management of Online-Coaching.Coach may enter into discussions about the use of another online platform to use for conducting the coachee’s coaching sessions. However, final decision on the use of any platform or method of delivery always resides with the management of Online-Coaching.Coach and their decision is final. Should in the very rare circumstances it be impossible to reach an agreement about the delivery method, the coachee will have to find an alternate service provider who fits their needs.

6)Payment for Coaching Services

Payment for Online-Coaching.Coach coaching services is always to be made in advance via Stripe or Paypal via the payment facility directed via communications with Online-Coaching.Coach management.

Coaching sessions will never be provided unless they have already been paid for in full. In rare circumstances at our discretion, coaching may be provided, with payment to be made at a later date. In such instances, if payment is late once a date has been agreed, additional fees proportional to the administration involved will be charged.

Where payment plans are required, additional fees may be charged at our discretion.

In case of cancellations or re-scheduling, item 4 of these terms of services is to be noted as there may be fees involved depending on the situation.

For regular services, payment is to be made for the month ahead. For example; if two coaching sessions each of two hours are to be held in the coming month, then four hours of coaching must be paid for in advance.

For irregular sessions, for example but not limited to rescheduling or emergency sessions, payment for the session, of however many hours are agreed with Online-Coaching.Coach, is to be made prior to the session being confirmed.

Scheduling of coaching sessions will only ever be confirmed by Online-Coaching.Coach management after cleared payment has been received.

Unless your payment has been made, and has cleared, your sessions are not confirmed or booked. They are merely tentative, and the timings could be taken by others if delays are experienced.


The client indemnifies their coach as well as Online-Coaching.Coach and all its staff from any claims, including by third parties, in relation to any and all compensation, damages or redress resulting from any life changes they make during or after their coaching sessions.

Whilst Online-Coaching.Coach is providing coaching services to help the coachee achieve their goals and dreams, in but not limited to life and business, the client fully accepts clause 1 “Responsibility for Results” while also accepting that they may also create adverse situations due to decisions they make on but not limited to an unconscious level. The client accepts that these are their own choices, and thus indemnifies Online-Coaching.Coach along with all its staff and coaches from all claims, compensation, damages or redress.

All clauses and terms within these terms of service are non-negotiable. By entering into a coaching agreement with Online-Coaching.Coach all coachees and clients accept these terms of service as fully binding and as superseding any other terms of service, or terms and conditions that may exist.