Law of attraction encourages positive thinking as a means of bringing success with goals and dreams faster.

In the simplest form use of positive thoughts, and maintaining a positive mindset, help bring about success in any given venture due to the way the mind focuses. By brushing out negative thoughts which occupy the minds of most people, it becomes far easier for better results to be achieved. Largely because negativity breeds more negativity, and likewise, positivity breeds greater positivity.

For success to be possible, and this can be noted from looking at anyone who’s successful, you have to be positive about what you are doing. This means down to the core.

When you have that completely aligned way of being, from your mindset outwards, then the results you want become magnetized to you, and drawn to you. Hence, the universal law of attraction.

Getting it to work efficiently for you is the challenge. Though as with all things, that can be done relatively easily, when you know what to do.

The Law Of Attraction Leverages The Mindset Of Positive Psychology To Magnetize Success

Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?

Universal Forces In Positive Thought Bring Infinite Possibilities

Yes, the law of attraction does work, incredibly well. Provided you have a positive mindset, which is properly aligned with your goals and dreams, then it can bring things into being very quickly. The less aligned with your desired results, the greater the challenge that will be faced. Hence why letting go of limiting beliefs, and cleaning up your mindset is vital for it to work best.

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

Bring Positive Results By Filling Empty Space With Positive Thoughts

The law of attraction is very closely linked with your mindset.

In essence, the law of attraction works in a very automated way. It draws information from your mindset, through core values, beliefs, thoughts, opinions, and much more, then through a beautifully complex algorithm works out how congruent you are with what you want. The less congruent you are, the more difficult things become as the weighting indicates you are unsure about what you want.

And example of this would be seeking financial abundance when you have a belief that ‘money is the root of all evil.’ This is relatively common depending on upbringing, hence why it is mentioned.

Equally well, if you want to attract love, though you lack self love and have a belief that you are unlovable, then that love is unlikely to come due to the dichotomy of thought.

When you are congruent, your values and beliefs are properly aligned with what your goals and dreams, then other parts of your brain become activated, including the reticular activation system (RAS), and your unconscious mind sets to work efficiently attracting various opportunities which will manifest your goals and dreams into reality.

The Reticular Activation System

The reticular activation system (RAS) sits within the reticular formation, as part of the anterior-most segment of the brainstem. While commonly associated with the fight or flight response, it does a lot more.

The RAS is linked to the fight or flight response as it is responsible for bringing things to your attention. While your unconscious mind is filtering what comes in through your various senses, via the process of deletion, distortion and generalization when you look at the neuro linguistic programming model for how the mindset works, the reticular activation system is pulling things which should go to your awareness as a priority. Hence the linking with fight or flight.

While it is bringing things to your awareness, it is also working to bring in information vital to higher priorities, such as your life goals.

When the mindset is properly optimized, with limiting decisions and old negative thoughts cleaned out, then your reticular activation system will present opportunities as it finds them, which will help you achieve success with whatever you are working on.

What are the 3 laws of attraction?

The three core laws which form the law of attraction are:

What is the 1st Law of Attraction?
Create Better Health Attract Love And More Money Or Whatever You Dream

Like attracts like, this is the magnetic portion of the overall law.

When you have something you want, have a positive mindset and way of being aligned with that thing, then it becomes attracted.

This is why people often create success gradually over time, provided they keep doing the right things with their career or business. Acting ethically, doing good things, being respectful, and honing what they do. Each step forward creating greater evidence that they are doing the right thing, and thus creating stronger belief that they can create bigger successes.

When people have created a high enough level of success, they can generally create success with anything. ‘The Undercover Billionaire’ series is good proof of this point. Essentially, they have so much well founded faith, which is a key point of the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, that their belief, all based on results, means they can create success with ease. Essentially they magnetize, or attract success, with whatever they do, based on the work they previously put in.

What is the 2nd Law of Attraction?
Coaching Helps Subconscious Mind Attract Results With Perfect Timing

Nature abhors a vacuum. Emptiness will be filled.

This is very evident with people who have a short attention span, they’re unable to wait, and have to do something. Hence the explosion of mobile games that people can easily reach for on their phone when they have nothing to do, are in a waiting room, or are bored with whatever else is going on.

If there’s a whole in your life it will get filled, and in such a way as to align with your mindset.

When people feel unfulfilled, and unlovable, then generally they take up other pursuits, hobbies, or slip into using various substances that take their mind off things.

When someone has a clear, burning desire, to achieve a goal, and they clear space in their life for that goal. Then progress towards its achievement comes quickly, in a manner proportional to the space cleared, and the degree of alignment within the mindset to that goal.

Another point on this is about the mental space involved. Limiting beliefs take up space and detract from alignment. When limiting decisions and beliefs are cleaned out, and replaced with empowering and aligned beliefs, then progress is much faster as the psychological space is more conducive to success.

What is the 3rd Law of Attraction?
Law Of Attraction Helps Create A Better Future And Good Mental Health

The present is always perfect, whether you are able to understand why is irrelevant.

Progress towards success takes time, sometimes it’s quick, other times slower. Depending on your alignment, level of positive thinking and focus, various things things will have to happen.

When people devolve into negative thoughts about their situation, their alignment with their goals drifts off. They become focused on the wrong thing, as a result their congruence drops off, and they begin flowing in the wrong direction. Hence why so many people opt to work with a good coach on a regular basis, it helps them stay on track and fine tune for success at the same time.

One very powerful tool for following the third rule is to practice feeling gratitude.

A regular acknowledgement that there are good things happening, and that you’re heading in the right direction can actually catalyze faster and better results. Thus drawing that better future you seek in sooner.

Appreciate what you have, even if you want more, become a more positive person regarding what you have and your ability to create change, and the third law of attraction will help you with achieving that greater happiness and success.

So, regardless of what state your life is in, be grateful for it, and the opportunity that exists. Most good things come from small beginnings. Snowballing over time into larger things and greater successes.

As a note, those who practice gratitude regularly are usually better at holding onto success when they achieve it. So building that habit early is good.

What Is The 5 5 Law Of Attraction?

The 5 5 law of attraction is about writing out your goal or dream 55 times a day, in a single sitting, five days in a row. Essentially it is like an affirmation, working to increase focus and building psychological pressure for achievement.

It can be a very good way to build positive outlook on what you desire.

The more you think about something, the more likely you are to achieve success with that thing. Something which echoes principles like the 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery with anything. The more you practice, the better you get, and the more easily you achieve success.

The 5 5 law of attraction works in a similar way, though rather than actually practicing the thing, you are repeatedly doing it in your mind, building positive energy and pressure towards success.

Another echo of this is the proven use of visualization. First experimented with by a university basketball team, and since expanded into other similar studies, the value of mental visualization of completing tasks successfully was shown to have notable value in actually influencing achievement of positive results.

More practice, more visualization, more focus, all helps to accelerate things towards successful achievement.

What Is The Secret Of The Law Of Attraction?

Positive Thinking Expands Positive Ways To Achieve More Success

Positive mindset, pure and simple.

For the law of attraction to work you have to have positive thoughts in flow more often, and in greater magnitude than any negative thoughts.

The law of attraction essentially states that you get what you focus on, if you are focusing on something positive, then positive results ensue. When negative thinking takes over, then negative results are what come.

Positive Thinking And Alignment With Your Goals

Maintaining positive thinking takes discipline, something mindfulness can be extremely helpful with. Whenever you feel yourself drifting, get yourself back on course as quickly as possible. Hence again why those serious about success work with a good coach, because it helps them and their discipline. It’s also why good coaches only work with clients who are disciplined. See the pattern here?

The more positivity you can create in your world, in your life overall, the easier it is to get the law of attraction working in the way you wish it to. Getting your mental and physical health on track form important elements of that. Which coincidentally, once you have positive experiences of the law working in your favor, actually gain health benefits too. Again, the more positivity your create, the more comes to you as a result.

The secret is about more than just an optimistic viewpoint, and toxic positivity can be extremely detrimental as it poisons things. You have to remain realistic, recognizing reality, while are the same time keeping positive thinking about the future and action you are taking which gets you to the right place, both mentally and physically. So, recognize reality, while noting you can make positive changes as needed to improve things.

With the right mindset, you have the secret of the law of attraction set.

The Law Of Attraction For Beginners

Your Own Thoughts Govern How You Attract People And More Money

Negative experiences will come at different times, the universe will test you as you progress towards any goal, and through your own life in general. Becoming able to stay out of negative patterns of thinking when negative events occur, is key to progressing towards achievement of dreams.

While positive affirmations are beneficial with getting things on track, taking care of your mental health in greater ways is wise. While things including scarcity mindset, limiting decisions and unresolved negative emotions are lurking in the depths of your unconscious mind, then the benefits of positive affirmations and things like a vision board become minimized.

Gain Effective Control Of Your Mindset

Every person’s life is a function of their mindset, so working on how to change your mindset so you can achieve the results you desire easily, is a massive priority. For anyone wanting to leverage the law of attraction this gains even greater weight as the law overall is dependent on the mindset of the person applying it.

So, at the very beginning, and this can be done when you first start applying the law in various ways, work on changing your mindset and self talk, whether through reading, meditation or coaching, so you can activate your mind and access more positive aspects as a result which work with and amplify everything else that you’re doing.

By sorting out your mindset early, you will likely find that what you desire does change in various ways. Removal of liming decisions has people reassess priorities, often seeking something more fulfilling as a result.

Also, by having optimized your mindset, all your work with affirmations, vison board creation, creative visualization, will become more powerful. Thus bringing positive things and similar energy into your life more quickly, and in greater magnitude too.

How To Get The Best From The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction Works Best When Used As A Daily Practice

The universal law of attraction is all about being able to shape your own reality in the way you want it.

As everything on the outside is a reflection of what is on the inside, getting your mindset right for your desired results is a core essential.

Most people are unaware of how to make the fundamental shifts within their mindset which cause their own life to reshape itself in the manner they wish to be. While making positive changes and developing a positive outlook can be done gradually over time, most people would prefer to have positive things happening sooner than later.

To shorten the chain and getting things happening faster takes a lot of training and skill, whether that be through using neuro linguistic programming and Time-Line Therapy, or use of another powerful tool for change. Plus you have to ensure holistic well being with what changes you make, in order to avoid negative things happening.

Avoid Potential Pitfalls And Ensure You Get Direct Impact On Goals

Wishful thinking can be run into all to easily, issues with the subconscious mind resisting conscious efforts towards gaining success can also be problematic. Most people never realize they are running into these things until they are way off track, and even then have little idea how to get back on track or influence things effectively.

Making the law of attraction real, in terms of manifestation of results, is all about alignment and focus. Without those things, energy gets largely wasted.

Mindset Coaching For Alignment And Focus To Stay On Track

Use Self Reflection And Coaching To Improve Self Esteem And Focus

Psychological well being, in terms of emotional as well as mental health, plus alignment, are how you get things working effectively.

Keeping that delicate balance which has you focus energy properly requires careful tuning as well.

Coaching, and especially mindset coaching using neuro linguistic programming and Time-Line Therapy, is the fastest most effective way of getting that alignment and focus set, so that whatever energy you put in gets input with the highest efficiency.

There is realistically one shot at life, and time is something which you can never get back.

So stumbling around in the dark, trying to optimize things effectively on your own, is a sure way of delaying results. Getting help from a good NLP coach through OCC can create incredible benefit.

Commit To Achieving The Life You Desire And Shape Your Own Reality Through Coaching

When you are certain of the energy and results you want in your life, and have committed to getting them. Then getting mindset coaching, and optimizing your alignment so that the law of attraction works easily for you, is one of the wisest things you can do.